Paternity Leave: Important For Family Bonding

It is often forgotten that father’s also need to spend time with their newborns. Some countries understand the importance of paternity leave and duly give new dads sufficient time to bond with their new children whereas other countries completely forget that bonding needs to occur for fathers, and give them less than one week to bond with their newbies.

Paternity Leave

Unfortunately paternity leave in many countries does not support both parents and the time they require to spend with their new extended family. These countries very rarely complement the family and give them full paternity and maternity benefits, but there are a few countries that are exceedingly generous with their paternity benefits. These are also the countries that largely have much less of a divorce rate and stress factors.

Norway is exceptionally great with their paternity leave. They offer the father 10 weeks leave at 80% pay, while the mother gets 42 weeks at full pay. Not only does this do wonders in easing a family’s financial stress but it strengthens the family values and makes it easier for a mother to cope with a newborn.

Malta and South Africa only give two and three days with full pay, respectively. Newborns and mothers who have just been through a powerful physical experience could certainly do with the man of the house having more paternity leave and spending time with the family. Lebanon gives on day.

Australia gives a full 52 weeks to a mother but of those the father can take 18 weeks paternity leave with a package of $596p/w to assist them with their newly expanded family. So much is done by these kinds of governments to ensure their citizens are happier, families are taken care of and as a result productivity is higher.

There is no doubt about it; paternity leave is an extremely important factor in a growing family’s well-being and that of the new little one coming into the world. Many countries have re-looked at their paternity laws and many have made changes to regulations and policies to benefit fathers.

Some fathers are offered fantastic paternity leave but don’t take advantage of the time. Whereas a few of them have and have claimed that it was the most inspiring experience of their lives. It’s quite one thing to come home at the end of a long day to a mother and baby. It’s an entirely different story to be the dad staying at home with new little one and seeing everything they do for the first time. Some fathers take their paternity leave when the moms have gone back to work and have found it to be so rewarding while many regret not doing it when their first kids were born. Paternity leave is precious. So many fathers know that, now if only some countries would understand the importance of it too.

Vida Denning is a keen freelance writer who works from serviced offices in different towns and cities.