Perennial Wonders For 2012 That Will Be Perfect Mood Makers

No landscape can be complete without a variety of perennials to add color and bloom to your front yard or garden. You can add the rich sunset orange, pinks and reds to garden borders by planting the aptly named ‘Warm Summer’ that is quick to bloom from seed. Enjoy its rich colors the very first year itself and delight in the flowers blooming through June and even August. They are perfect for a touch of vibrancy and have a cheering appeal and thus are perfect mood makers to welcome guests too. This coneflower can be grown alongside Black-eyed Susan for a touch of contrast.

Scooped wonders

If you want your garden to be butterfly friendly and have lovely flowers at bloom from spring to late summer, the Double Scoop (since it resembles an ice-cream scoop) Orangeberry is a coneflower to behold. These plants grow upright and have middles with petals that seem as soft as silk and yet are upright along with a frill at the edges composed of single petals.

A Silver Star welcome

Snowy white flowers with cherry eyes over bluish green leaves are a feast for the eyes and truly give a floral welcome. The Silver Star type of Dianthus is thus, most suited to borders and blooms in the months of May and June. Plant them with Lamb’s-ears for a richer effect.

Daffodils in red

The Hardy Hibiscus is an easy to look after plant. The ‘My Valentine’ variety has flowers in a flaming red that bloom like Daffodils from midsummer till the frost sets in. All they need is the sun and some well drained soil to bloom in all their glory.

Garnets that need no tending

Welcome humming birds and butterflies to your garden with the beckoning burgundy richness of the Garnet Brocade type of Sedum. They grow beautifully in hot weather and don’t need constant watering or deadheading as the seedheads too provide color. As they begin to bloom in the late summer months and continue till fall, you won’t have to worry about empty beds. Pair them with feather reedgrass for best effects.

A carpet of beauty

For larger beds that are slightly raised, Pincushion flowers of the carpeting variety fill the bed and have a mixture of color to offer with pink flowers sprouting over gray-green leaves. Once the flowers fall, they are replaced with seed heads that are silver-pink and you can even plant them between pavers. The flowers bloom through summer after their appearance in late spring.

Blooming in a container

Red Yucca Brakelights are red beauties, easy to nurture and striking to behold. Have them planted in containers leading up your porch steps or entranceway for a painted landscape effect. If you want to plant them in beds then they go well with Sedums. The soil needs to be well drained though. And if you are a birdwatcher these are ideal plants to keep as they attract humming birds due to their nectar richness.

Sundae special Blueberry Baptisia

Wonderful late spring flowers, Sundae Blueberry Baptisia have pale yellow middles with blueberry blue tinted flowers that suit a back border immensely. These spires are great for even small spaces and grow well with Coneflowers.

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