Personal Style: Dare To Be You

Finding your personal style can be a challenge for many. Some people love wearing bright colours but can’t pull it off so they end up being dowdy, and stand out even more. Others have a nose for expensive items that they cannot afford and they won’t compromise and take anything remotely similar, so they too end up ditching their personal style for what they can afford, and looking less than chic. There are some who try to develop a personal style that is absolutely not their own and they look extremely uncomfortable. And then there are those who are not entirely sure what their personal style is. They have no idea how to uncover it or where to begin.

Personal Style

The key to personal style is definitely comfort. When you’ve dressed in something that is not you, it stands out a mile and people can see where you end and the outfit starts. The discomfort is tantamount to you mistakenly wearing a fancy dress outfit to a black tie affair. You want to feel like one with what you are wearing. Comfort is the key.

Dressing for an occasion is important, but it is more important that you understand yourself well enough to know what you want to and do not want to wear. It is absolutely essential to be able to carry off your style and not someone else’s. This way, regardless of the occasion you can easily carry what you are wearing with confidence. This is often how trends are started. Look at Sienna Miller. The girl’s personal style saw her combining vintage pieces with contemporary items. She brought shabby chic back, and she did it with style.

To have your own sense of personal style means that you can break as many fashion rules as you care too, and still get away with it. You will find people follow your lead, or follow your style. That leads to another point. Following someone else’s personal style does not work and does not look natural. Very often men and women end up following someone else’s lead and it does not compliment their body shape or personality. Dressing with personal confidence and panache makes a huge difference to ones sense of comfort and projected image.

Personal style does not mean spending thousands on fashion items, it sometimes means having clothing made or altering some items, but there is no reason to ditch developing your style because you think you can’t afford.

Mothers very often let their personal style go because they don’t have time for the upkeep, and heels don’t mix well when one is running after toddlers and cleaning up last night’s dinner. Some mothers spend so much time running after kids, cleaning and running to and from work that their personal style starts to seep away, like their sleep patterns, and eventually merges with their pyjama style. And then after ten years of minimal sleep they eventually wake and realise that their wardrobe is stuck back in the 20th-century. When in doubt call a stylist to gently guide you back to the new age and your personal style. There is hope for us mom, dads and those new to finding their style.

As a freelance writer Vida Denning comes across so many wonderful new items she could add to her wardrobe, the most recent being a stunning silk blouse. As a mother it may be years before she gets to wear it without having food thrown on it. She’ll probably get to it in about 10 years.