Personality Traits; Difference Between A Successful And A Struggler

Personality Traits; Difference Between A Successful And A Struggler

As soon as you get out of your college after graduation time comes to decide your niche to build a career. Real estate is an attractive industry when it comes to earning higher income and there’s no denying that.

Whichever career path you choose for yourself, the personality traits of a person is the reason they taste regular success while others keep experiencing failures.

So, here is a list of traits that a successful real estate broker already has or acquires over the time, and which makes the difference:

Personality traits of a successful real estate broker

  • Be Passionate: Love your work and praise yourself for what you do. There is no one who is successful in his/her respective niche or industry who are at their current positions and they didn’t like what they did. Also, worship your work because it’s going to pay for your bread and butter.
  • Choose a partner of equal caliber: Out of all the reasons for failures, the most irritating and ignorable one is working with a partner who isn’t passionate inasmuch you are. Choose one who your doppelganger in the context of work.
  • Homogeneous rules: Equality in rules is the first element of a good character, not just in business but also a better personality. Keep your rules homogeneous irrespective of who your client is. 
  • Listen to your heart: Some rules can be ignored or broken whenever your heart calls for it. When you feel the rules are making you do the wrong thing, follow your heart and set for the right thing.
  • Long term goals: Any business or individual turns successful with long term plans achieved by multiple and timely short term goals aimed at achieving one goal and that is the success. Business is a marathon, not a sprint, prepare likewise.  
  • Knowledge about the business: Knowing about what you do and what your business is all about can be the difference between a successful and a struggling real estate broker; the one with better knowledge wins the game.
  • Build a strategy: Be it business or war, it can only be won if the players follow a well-planned strategy. Make sure you are always prepared to improvise whenever the need be. Realistic and high goals give you a direction to initiate your work and keep moving.  
  • Be unique but be smart: Competitors are everywhere; thousands trying to do the same thing that you do. Set yourself apart; there is always a leader in a pack of wolves who is better than the rest, be that leader and let the rest of the pack follow you.
  • Know your weakness: Self-awareness is an important part of self-assessment, knowing your strengths and weakness are will help you every time and in every walk of life. The more you work on controlling your weakness, the more successful you’ll be. 
  • Clients come first: Money is a secondary thing which will always be with you in abundance if you’re doing things right. Know what your client wants, and cater them to their needs. Make sure what you offer or what they want is best for them, you know it better, let them know it.
  • Hard work has no substitute: Hard work has no substitute. There are no shortcuts to success. You’ve to work for only 12 hours, it depends on you which 12 hours it’s going to be. Luck embraces those who work hard, make sure you’re one.
  • Seek advice from seniors: Learn from those who have been there and done that; your seniors are the best source of learning whether they are successful or not but they have tasted more salt than you. Seek advice from them rather than going for trial and error game.
  • Mistakes are for learning; just don’t repeat it: You don’t learn if you don’t commit a mistake. Mistakes are the best source of learning, but once is a mistake, twice is foolishness. When you get out of your comfort zone, you will commit many of them.
  • Failures are a teaching: Real estate business is a game and there is no game where a team always wins. Confront the reality, sometimes things won’t go your way but keep trying until it does.
  • Keep faith: Don’t lose faith in yourself; courage is the difference between those who inspire others and those who inspire from others.
  • Thrive to be the best rather than biggest: Big things falls, best ones are remembered till eternity. Aim for quality rather than quantity and the volume of business will grow automatically.
  • Be likable: People like doing business with those who they like and knowing this is no rocket science. Being proficient is important but being likable is the key to that. 
  • Honesty and integrity are the core of success: Let your words and action complement each other; say what you mean and mean what you say. 
  • Convey the core values of the organization: Show what you stand for; displaying your company’s key values is your mission and there’s no skipping that.