Pesticide-Free Ways Of Getting Rid Of Hobo Spiders

It is important that you first try natural ways of getting rid of hobo spiders in your home, especially if you have children. If they can’t be controlled by natural means, then get in touch with your local pest control provider. Remember, pesticides should only be your last recourse if you can no longer control the population of common household pests.

Get a Cat
If you don’t have a cat yet, then get one at the animal shelter. Cats are perfect hunters. They can track down and hunt hobo spiders, and they will kill these pests for you. The best thing about getting a cat is that he can get rid of not only the hobo spiders but rodents as well.
Clean Your Home
A very clean home is almost always pest-free. After all, you’re not giving these pests any opportunity to make a nest, breed, and thrive in their favorite hiding places. So vacuum all the nooks and crannies in your home, remove cobwebs, seal all openings that might serve as entryways for hobo spiders and other pests, and, most importantly, maintain your home’s cleanliness.
Since hobo spiders seem to love cardboard boxes, then you need to stop making use of cardboard boxes as storage containers. Use plastic storage containers instead. Just see to it though that it has tight-fitting lids. You don’t want to reach inside the box and be bitten by a hobo spider that’s hiding inside.
In addition to cleaning the interior of your home, you should also see to it that the outside perimeter of your property is clean as well. There should be no dense vegetations touching your house, and there should be no clutters and debris that spiders could hide in.
If you see hobo spiders while cleaning your house, then kill it immediately. You can use a broom to kill it or your vacuum cleaner. Just remember to dispose of it though when you’re done cleaning.
Place Traps
If you suspect that your home still has hobo spiders, then purchase traps from your local hardware store and set them up in places where you commonly see them. The trap contains sticky glue that gives off a pheromone-like scent. The scent attracts hobo spiders and other spiders, and when they set foot on it, they become glued to the trap.
Reduce Moisture
Hobo spiders also love moist places, so make sure that there are no leaky pipes and dripping faucets in your home. If there are, then have these repaired immediately.
Another way to reduce moisture as well as humidity is to get dehumidifiers for your house. You’ll notice that the hobo spiders will look for other places to inhabit now that your home is less humid.
When to Call a Pest Control Company
If the hobo spider population can no longer be controlled by the measures mentioned earlier, then call your local pest control company. Don’t purchase commercial pesticides. They’ll only kill the hobo spider’s natural predators, allowing them freedom to thrive. Instead, it will be better to let the professionals handle the job of getting rid of hobo spiders for you. Their products are very effective in getting rid of hobo spiders and other types of common household pests.

  • The photo included in this article is a free image via Credits to Dr. Lee Ostrom.

Jenifer Daleo is a freelance article writer for several pest control blogs, including Rove Pest Control. She specializes in natural ways of getting rid of pests. For uncontrolled pest population though, a call to your local pest control provider will be of great benefit.