Photography Tools For Professional Smart Phone Pictures

With smart phone cameras becoming ever more sophisticated, it is clear to see that photographs are a lot better quality than they used to be. However, even spontaneous pictures that you want to show friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, might not be up to your standards, and if this is the case then using an app to make small or major adjustments can truly enhance images and improve their appearance.


After your image has been sized, it can be sharpened so that you can get a much clearer end result whenever it is displayed. Sharpening can work really well on most images, but if you want a gritty effect then you can use the sharpen tool sparingly. Also, certain pictures require less sharpening than others. For example, a picture of a house requires more sharpening around the building itself than the landscape surrounding it. Or a picture of a person requires sharpening around the eyes and mouth but not the blemishes such as bags under the eyes.


Using filters enables you to apply different effects to your images. Filters can ultimately help you easily adjust light and dark, colors, softness and saturation to a layer of an image for a better overall picture. This is why filters are so popular in popular iPhone picture apps – because they make all other actions seem much more effective. For the best results, try adding a filter to your smart phone camera before you take a shot so that fewer changes have to be made to the final picture.


A panorama tool is something that can be found in all top quality pieces of software plus a majority of tablet or smart phone apps. iPhones will usually already have the panorama feature installed on the camera, but other phones such as androids can greatly benefit from a panoramic tool.

Simply find a landscape that you want to capture and then either take a series of pictures which the app can then automatically stitch together for you, or take one continuous shot where the panorama view is created as you move the camera smoothly.

Light And Dark

Adjusting light and dark levels is about finding a light and darkness balance that you are happy with. There is no “right way” for creating the best images in terms of light exposure. Try out new levels of light and dark and see which ones you are happiest with once you have taken your image. If you are struggling to see the difference in light on your iPhone screen, upload the image so that you can see a bigger version.

Special Effects

Taking smart phone pictures should be fun and many apps will let you create a range of different effects with your camera.  Add frames, speech bubbles, or even different color splashes with some fun tools. Alternatively, you can play around with cartoon-like effects, stylistic color schemes such as sepia, extra colors or various textures and create an image that you are happy with and that you can share with your friends. Sepia or black and white effects for example offer a great vintage feel to images which can be ideal for wedding pictures – they are really flattering as well!


The great thing about some smart phone photo editors is that they can offer just as many features as tablet or laptop software, just on a smaller scale. Collages and albums can be created easily thanks  to certain tools in these apps.

Using templates, you can quickly and simply rearrange a selection of your favorite images using a range of different collage templates so that you can piece together a collection of your best pictures. Once this has been created, some apps may offer a feature that allows you to send it to your desktop computer, or you can automatically upload it to Facebook or Twitter.