Pinterest: The Visual Business’ Marketing Heaven

Thanks to its explosion in popularity in the early parts of 2012, Pinterest has grown from a small website used primarily by digital scrapbookers to a legitimate social network that every business with attractive products should have a presence on. Let’s take a look at why any business that relies on visuals to help sell their products is missing out by not taking advantage of Pinterest.

Build your Boards with All of your Products

It takes very little time and energy to get Pinterest set up and looking fantastic, so either get in there and get it done or hand it off to a junior marketing employee who knows their way around social media. The website is laid out in “boards”, each of which should represent a line of products for your company. If you’re in the clothing business, one board could be “Denim” while another is “Jackets”. From here, you’ll just need to pin each of your product photos to the board and make a description for them. It’s that easy!

Remember: Use a Professional as Often as Possible

It probably goes without saying that if you are getting promotional pictures taken for your business that you should probably invest in a professional with a proper camera setup and knowledge of how to take product shots. Using a consumer camera (or worse – a mobile phone camera) can leave your products looking quite drab which will do virtually nothing to convince people to buy them. If you’re going to go all out in pushing hard on Pinterest, spend the money to get a professional photographer in and you will reap the benefits over the long term.

Don’t Forget the Videos!

Last but not least: don’t forget that Pinterest supports videos! If you already use promotional videos for your products or services and have them uploaded to sites like YouTube, it’s very easy to pin these to your boards so that users can watch them. If not, again consider having a professional company come and shoot these videos so that they look great, and get them pinned up on Pinterest for the world to see! Although it’s a bit of a “niche” social network, Pinterest is still one of the largest websites around and a perfect place to market your products simply by showing them off. Build a great brand presence for your business on Pinterest and you’ll quickly find that it’s a serious revenue generator.
Adam is a marketing guru that specializes in marketing automation software like Aprimo for the large enterprise, he’s currently working on a team which consults with medium and large organizations to help streamline their marketing process.