PIO Woman Who Set Hubby On Fire Gets 20 Years Jail For Arson

PIO Woman Who Set Hubby On Fire Gets 20 Years Jail For Arson

According to the reports of Travis County judge on march 11, 2014. Judge punished Shriya Patel 20 years in prison after she was convicted of igniting a flash fire that took the life of her husband in April 2012.

WASHINGTON: Shriya Patel 27-years old, and Bimal Patel 29-yeras old both are couple, Shriya Patel took a taxi on a spring morning in 2012, stopped at a gas station for fill a tin with petrol, and picked up candle-sticks, masking tape. She purchased all those things at Wal-Mart. Then she returned home, separated the smoke alarms, covered up the water sprinklers, and dousing her husband Bimal Patel with petrol, and she set the place on fire. Her husband died after fighting for his life several weeks.

Shriya Patel married NRI person as per the arranged. She had married him reluctantly, only have angry with another man who is there in Mumbai and gave up her virginity, Chelsea Schwierking, an American witness testified in court. Schwierking and her husband, they are schoolmates at Texas Tech, and he had attended the marriage in India, and she had heard this from Shriya herself during the wedding.

As per the Shriya words, she was disappointed with her husband’s station in life; she had expected to arrive at a wealthy PIO husband’s home. Instead, she came to a young man struggling to make ends meet in a dead end job, even through his family was relatively wealthy. So, according to the defense Shriya lawyer reports, he requested her to help him commit suicide, and she obliged, as a “dutiful” Indian wife. He had written his last words, and sent those words to his friends before of his death, those words are “I feel like I am going to snap” .

Lawyers of both sides produced Several intriguing bits of testimony, but none of which fully reported the bizarre episode that resulted death of a 29-year old in the prime of life, according to the reports of prosecution witnesses, Bimal Patel was a happy man and lucky guy he worked enthusiastically to bring his wife to the US. He even drew up a list of things he needed to do for her (“Buy Shriya cellphone” read one task). He was not the kind to kill himself, and even if he did, he did not need his wife’s help, much less implicate her. Police reports also showed that he had tried to beat down the bathroom door which had been locked from outside after Shriya started the fire. “Why would she do this to me?” first witnesses quoted Bimal Patel as saying.

But the defensive structure punched many holes in the murder theory. Shriya had been around the country for only one week to hardly know her way surrounding.  She was basically from Gujarat and there with a gujarati family, her father had been factory worker in Dubai. The taxi-driver who picked her up on the morning, she asked him to take her to a police station more than once before changing her mind. As per the reports showed the Bimal Patel’s nose had been stuffed with cotton balls; they were singed, so they had been inserted before he died in the fire. Ten hours later, a Texas jury on Tuesday sentenced Shriya took 20 years in prison that led to Bimal Patel’s death. She has already taken punishment in the prison for two years.