Pirouette Your Way To A Healthier Happier You

At one point in almost every little girl’s life, they dream about being a ballerina. Going up on their toes to spin gracefully around, a Prima Donna in the most positive sense of the word. But most little girls never become the ballet dancers of their dreams, and they grow up to be working moms, wives and career women.

Spinning classes are a great work out for some women. The same with yoga and pilates. But if the little girl in you still craves to be a dancer, to be graceful and beautiful then ballet is the answer. It isn’t just for little girls and life long dancers anymore. Any woman in any shape can learn ballet in dance classes to lose weight and inches, and to become healthier all around.
A full body work out.
One of the great things about ballet is that it is a full body work out. Every ballet position requires that the arms be out in front of the body. First position is the most common and frequently used of the ballet positions, and it calls for the arms to be held out in front of the body, making a circle. By holding this position while doing other things like plies and leg movements, the arms become heavier with gravity. That means that the entire arm is being worked, from shoulder to wrist during the majority of the ballet work out.
Better posture, better health.
Ballet dancing is graceful and fluid, and it requires the body to be held well. Ballet will teach better posture naturally during the learning process. Good posture can help with back pain and soreness. By standing correctly, the deep muscles in the back are worked correctly, which can help to protect against things like joint degeneration. Posture becomes more and more important with age, and ballet can help to make good posture an effortless part of life.
Cardio, cardio, cardio.
Not a lot of people enjoy cardio. The exercises can seem repetitive and boring, and most cardio exercises do not burn a large amount of calories. In ballet dance classes, a person can burn calories while focusing on other things, while still getting a solid work out. On average, a person weighing one hundred and fifty pounds will burn around four hundred calories during a sixty minute ballet class. People who weigh more will burn more, and a class being longer than sixty minutes can also result in a bigger calorie burn.
Feel better about yourself.
One of the most important aspects of ballet dancing is making the movements look effortless. Ballet will teach people to be graceful and fluid, which is great for self esteem. It is hard to not feel beautiful when one is doing pirouettes and plies, even if they are drenched with sweat and working aching muscles.
Ballet is an all around work out powerhouse. Strength training for the entire body, as well as conditioning and cardio are built in benefits for this graceful and enjoyable dance.
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