Plan Your Sailing Experience In Croatia Today

As one of Europe’s sunniest countries with more than 2,700 hours of sun within a year and with more than a thousand islands covering 1,300 miles, it’s no wonder that every year an estimated 10 million people visit Croatia. The coast contains over 1,185 islands with various lagoons and bays, beautiful beaches with crystal-clear seas and secluded caves for visitors to explore. Travels can also visit historic towns and unique monuments as well as view beautiful plains and mountains, waterfalls, and become familiar with the various bird and wildlife creatures.

But, one highly popular activity among Croatia travelers is sailing. Whether you want to take on the role as the captain of a boat and sail along with your own crew, or hop on board with an experienced skipper and his staff, sailing in Croatia offers you the opportunity to view the natural beauty of the area, see wildlife creatures and reel in a great catch.

If you’re a first time traveler to Croatia and are interested in sailing in Croatia, there are important considerations to keep in mind in order to carefully plan your sailing experience.

The cost of sailing in Croatia depends upon many factors. To begin with, you have to determine if you want to charter your own boat or if you’d like to sail with an experienced captain and his crew members. If you’d like to rent a boat, the price will be based upon the length of time you rent the boat, the base you’d like to start from, the type of boat and the number of passengers. If you are interested in joining a captain and his crew, in which the captain directs you, the price will heavily depend upon the length of the trip as well as the size of the boat, the age of the boat and the accommodations offered to passengers.

Boat type
You have different types of boats to choose from including motor boats, sail boats, catamarans and cruising vessels. The type of boat you choose depends upon the number of crew members as well as how far out to sea you’d like to go since larger boat can handle rough waters. In addition, the type of boat you choose can impact the cost depending upon the fuel costs. Again, take into account the age of the boat as younger boat will be more expensive.

Plan your route
If you decide to rent a charter, be sure to plan your route ahead of time and have a map or other location device available. By researching the locations ahead of time you can decide where you’d like to sail to. If you plan on sailing with a captain and his crew, but wish to sail around certain locations, you can research where certain charters tour around.

By taking into account these three important factors, you can plan your trip today.

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