Planning A Romantic Break To The Seychelles

With 155 islands, hundreds of silver sanded beaches and an area called The Garden of Eden; it’s no wonder that so many people are planning a romantic break to the Seychelles.
Whether you want to take part in activities such as sailing or diving, or just relax and sunbathe, there is something for everyone when visiting this beautiful part of the World. Here are just some of the sights to see and activities to take part in during your romantic holiday in the Seychelles.
Mahe Island in the Seychelles
Mahe Island is one of the most popular islands in the Seychelles, especially for couples and those planning a romantic getaway. Some of the best beaches in the World can be found on Mahe Island such as Anse Intendance which has been called the most beautiful beach on the Indian Ocean. This secluded beach has around half a mile of perfect white sand and is also a nesting place for turtles which makes it a truly romantic place to visit.
If sea and sand is not your thing then take your loved one to the botanical gardens in Victoria on Mahe Island. Take a stroll through the hundreds of different trees and plants in the botanical gardens, going at your own pace means you can make this exotic treat last all day if you want a relaxing, romantic day surrounded by greenery.
Finally, if all that relaxing has you craving for adventure, then hire a buggy or Jeep from the nearby Eden Island and explore the Seychelles and Mahe Island in a completely fun and unique way.

Curieuse Island in the Seychelles
For something completely unique and unforgettable on your romantic break in the Seychelles then you simply must visit Curieuse Island. This island is completely preserved for Giant Tortoises to wander around and prosper, although tourists are allowed to visit to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. Getting up close and personal with a Giant Tortoise is something you will remember forever, so make sure you take a camera with you to cherish the memories.
Diving in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles
If there is one thing that you must do with your partner, before leaving the Seychelles, it is to go diving in the beautifully clear waters. Praslin Island is popular for divers and has various different diving schools and dive centres that will help you make the most out of your experience underwater.
It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or a professional diver as most of the dive centres and schools offer something to suit everyone and will give you an excellent chance to experience the life under the Indian Ocean. Nothing is more romantic than swimming together under the turquoise waters and watching the tons of different sea life. Make sure you invest in an underwater camera to capture the magic that is completely unique to scuba diving.
So many people choose the Seychelles to go on a romantic week away, have their honeymoon or even get married there. Hopefully, this guide will have helped you understand a little bit of why this group of islands holds so much romantic potential. If you need a hire car to get around the Seychelles, visit Compare Car Hire for a selection of options and tariffs.
From white, sandy beaches and botanical gardens to relax in, to Jeep rides and scuba diving around the islands, the Seychelles is one place you won’t want to leave in a hurry.
Image Credits: Fabio Achilli 1