Plastic Signage vs. Aluminium Signage

When selecting the basis/substrate for your signage, there are numerous choices available to pick from. One can pick between acrylic, wood, plastic, aluminium, Corroplast (corrugated plastic) and more. The two most common choices for sign substrates are most definitely Corrugated Plastic and Aluminium.

There are huge differences between aluminium signs and corrugated plastic signs. Obviously, one is made from aluminium whilst the other is made from plastic. One isn’t necessarily better than the other; they are simply designed to be used in different areas.

Firstly, let’s examine the rigidity of the two different materials. An aluminium sign is a lot more rigid than a corrugated plastic sign. Therefore, we should keep this in mind when selecting between the two substrates.

Pricing:  Aluminium signage usually costs more than corrugated plastic signs; therefore a plastic sign is the obvious choice for low signage budget. If you are looking for signage that will endure outdoors, corrugated signs are the most affordable option available. You also save on the sign stands or mounting hardware needed to display the plastic signage. The stands you need for corrugated plastic signs are typically much more affordable than the stands you would need for a heavier aluminium sign.

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, aluminium signage would certainly win the battle for longevity. This is not necessarily due to the image fading, but rather of the overall structure of the material. A plastic sign is more likely to buckle, fold or even blow away. An aluminium sign mounted in an appropriate stand might be a little more expensive, but it will last much longer than any corrugated plastic signage.

It’s not hard to install of these signage types either. Then again, the plastic signs are usually a lot easier to handle and install. Another worthy point to mention is that corrugated plastic signage is less likely to get scratched or damaged during transportation.

Additionally, it also advisable to use corrugated plastic signs for indoor advertising, since it is much safer and lighter than a heavy, aluminium sign. On the other hand, if wind is a known factor then an aluminium sign would be more suitable. Furthermore, Aluminium also tends to have a sleeker, professional look.

As one can establish for the information given above, these sign substrates are a reasonable option to consider for any signage undertaking. For the smaller types of signage projects, aluminium and corrugated plastic signs are two of the most popular substrate choices.

This article was provided by ScribeZA for one of the top sign manufacturer who represents Signage Cape Town.