Plastic Surgery 101

Cosmetic surgery comes in all shapes, sizes and names, some of whom you may have never even heard of. If you thought that nose jobs, breast surgery and a little liposuction is all there is to it, you are mistaken my friend. We will be looking at different plastic surgery procedures and what they entail. So if you have ever thought of getting something done, your list might just double after reading this article. We will be splitting the procedures between the face (head area) and the general body.



This one is the most common and well known facial cosmetic surgery procedure. With this procedure, surgeons attempt to reduce the signs of aging on the face as a whole. Wrinkles are removed by different means and everything that is dropping and sagging gets a lift.


Here the focus moves to the eyes, obviously. A successful surgery will provide for a more youthful look by removing frown lines around and between the eyes. The so-called bags under the eyes are also taken care of by removing extra skin.

Brow lift

The title speaks for itself and is pretty obvious. Here the eyebrows are lifted and the forehead appears smoother than before. Basically the wrinkles on your forehead are removed and excessive sagging of the brows is attended to.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

With rhinoplasty plastic surgeons correct the shape and size of the nose to the desired one. This procedure is not always done for cosmetic reasons only. Some people struggle with breathing through their nose because of injury or a deformed nose. Rhinoplasty will rectify this problem and help an individual to breath with more ease.

Lip Augmentation

This surgery is ideal for those with very thin lips. With this procedure the lips will be given a fuller look and feel by means of fillers or implants.

Eyelid surgery

Slightly different from an eyelift, eyelid surgery focuses on the fat volume in the eyelids itself. By removing excessive fat, the eyelids will appear less droopy and puffed up.


Breast augmentation or –enhancement and reduction

With this procedure the breasts are altered and customized to the desired specifications of the patient. This is normally done by implants although women with larger breasts can have excessive fat removed from their breast to reduce the cup size. Generally this procedure enhances the look of the patient.

Tummy Tuck

Here the excess skin is removed around the belly area. Skin and muscle may also be tightened to provide for a more toned looking abdominal area. This procedure is a favorite among women who have given birth and men and women who have lost considerable amounts of weight around the belly.

Brazilian butt lift

By removing fat from other regions in the body and adding it to the buttocks, one will be provide with a more voluptuous and curved behind. This is also known as the Jennifer Lopez butt.


This is possibly the most popular cosmetic surgery process around. This procedure focusses on removing excess fat from areas on the body. It helps with giving the desired beautiful shape to one’s body.

Waldo van den Berg is a freelance writer who shares his knowledge and wisdom on topics like breast augmentation in South Africa on a regular basis.