Pleasant Surprise For Suspicious Wife

In my profession as a private investigator I all too often have the unpleasant task of being the bearer of sad or depressing news. So it is with a smile on my face that I share the following story of a very happy client with you.

The Situation
A lovely lady came to me worried about her husband’s recent strange behaviour. A most loving husband of 25 years, in fact, they had not long been home from a very romantic silver wedding trip to Venice. Life was extremely good for this happy couple. Then one evening something started to bother her. He was taking his phone calls out of the room or was even ignoring them. She thought this very odd. This went on for two or three nights and it was then that he did something really out of character. He told her he had been invited to play squash at a local club by one of their friends. He did it again the following week but when she found his trainers still in the wardrobe alarm bells began to ring. Not realising this on his return, his tale of triumph over his friend rather unwittingly dropped him in it. What was she to do now?

The Plot Thickens!
Well, that is where I came in. She told me her worst fear was that her husband must surely be cheating on her. Why all the sneaking around? In terms of investigation I told her we could fit a vehicle tracker to find out where his car was going and if necessary we could instigate some surveillance to see what he was really doing? She decided the vehicle tracking which was installed the night before his next scheduled squash game was a great idea. This time he remembered his trainers. She followed his movements with nervous trepidation on her PC and found he was not heading towards the squash club but to their daughter’s home some 15 miles in the opposite direction!

Secretive Behaviour
Although this was in some way a relief, it was still very strange and secretive behaviour especially as unfortunately for our client her husband was still playing the part of the triumphant squash player on his return. Seeing as this had taken on a weekly pattern, it was decided that I should now attempt to follow him and see what else I could find out. Very glad I did as it was then that the mystery began to unravel. Our squash playing husband and his daughter met in the bar of a nearby hotel and had a meeting with the function manager. Luckily the hotel was fairly busy and nobody noticed me sitting close by, listening very carefully to what they were all saying.

Without a doubt I knew that my client would be overwhelmed to learn that her husband’s new found love of squash was just a smokescreen for the fact he and their daughter were planning a surprise party for her 60th Birthday which was to be held at this hotel. Now the only worry our client had was how to act surprised on the day.

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