Polythene Bags: A Versatile Choice

In the UK, polythene packaging manufacturers have risen to the challenges from environmentalists and consumers and managed to create environmental solutions along with new user-friendly and practical packaging products. In the area of polythene packaging bags, customers now have more options than at any other time.
Major polythene packaging manufacturers offer the standard bottom-welded, side-welded, gusseted or flat bags. Fold over flap bags, self-adhesive strip bags, double-welded bags and heavy duty seal bag have been re-engineered to provide maximum containment capacity and stronger holding power.
As UK packagers know, there is more to a bag than it seems. Proper packing bags reflect on the brand, the product and the business itself. Great products from providers using unappealing, flimsy bags send a negative message. Great packaging products including customized bags are available at unusually low prices.
UK polythene manufacturers have established markets on the continent and across the water. As a result, UK manufacturers are in high production. This is the time for UK businesses to prepare for the 4th quarter rush that will soon be upon us.
To prepare for the rush, polythene manufacturing reps stand ready to answer your every question and propose up-to-date solutions to every packaging challenge.
Polythene bags are just one component of a large polythene manufacturers’ product line. Printed bags and compostable bags are just two of many choices from a wide selection. Printed bags are excellent brand builders. These polythene bags are lightweight but extremely durable against wear and tear and the elements.
The highest and best use of these packing bags is that they be personalized with a printed message and striking colors. The cost of this specialization used to be cost-prohibitive. Due to advancements in technology made by large UK polythene manufacturers, the price barriers are gone. Bulk customers can save as much as 20 percent with advance orders.
Whatever your specifications and whatever your chosen application, manufacturers can personalize your company’s bags and covers with printed designs in any of 8 colors. If you want your brand to be instantly recognizable, this is the way to achieve maximum impact.
Bags and covers range in the following sizes and thicknesses:
Sizes: 300mm to 4000mm wide
Thicknesses: 12.5mu to 400mu
Bags can be supplied:

  • Loose as singles
  • In boxes of 10kg to 15kg or in pallet boxes
  • Perforated on the Roll: approximately 15kg to 35kg
  • Printed up to 8 colors

Be ready for a successful season. Plan ahead and keep your polythene manufacturers in the loop.
Image source: http://www.polytheneuk.co.uk/images/BC-poly-bags-lrg.jpg
Polthene UK have a range of products such as polythene bags, please visit their website to find out more.