Popcorn Ceilings: Why Do People Hate It?

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Popcorn ceilings—officially known as acoustic ceilings which have gotten unfavorable rap throughout the years. If you simply check it on the search engine then you find the number of tutorials and articles to learn the method of removing the popcorn ceiling. That being stated, this shower on finished treatment was the standard in many homes for quite a long time, and we really wanted to ask why. Subsequent to sifting through research and doing some truly necessary soul searching, we arrived at an astonishing resolution: Popcorn ceilings truly aren’t too awful.

For what reason are Popcorn Ceilings Even a Thing?

Popcorn ceilings cover a huge number of sins. In the event that you know anything about building a house, you realize that completing a dry-walled ceiling is an artistic expression. When a ceiling is constructed, drywall layers are covered with paper or best drywall tape for cracks and afterward covered over with joint compound (“mud”). When dry, more layers of mud coat are finely applied and sanded until the surface is flawless. Mudding and tapping, as the procedure is alluded to, requires ability and can bring about uneven ceilings, sagging seams, and obvious nail dimples. In the event that you are DIYing the work yourself, or are on a limited spending plan, splashing this highly textured finished completion on your roof is a cheap and quick approach to conceal imperfections.

Be that as it may, Wait, What About Asbestos? 

Yes, of course, this is the term which we should not forget about. Synonymous with popcorn ceilings, this naturally happening silicate mineral was utilized in early details of the ceiling treatment until it was restricted by the Clean Air Act in 1978. Strangely, the EPA advises against removing asbestos-bearing ceilings, stating, “Asbestos-containing materials that aren’t disturbed or damaged are not liable to represent a wellbeing hazard. Typically the best thing is to disregard asbestos-containing material on the off chance that it is in great condition.” After 1978, paper-based and styrofoam materials were utilized instead of asbestos. Along these lines, in the event that you as of now have a popcorn ceiling, and it’s in good shape, you’re safe.

Why do most people Hate popcorn ceiling So Much? 

The popcorn ceiling didn’t love by everybody. There is a number of peoples who are willing to hire a team of cottage cheese ceiling removal. Haters will in general notice the highly porous, uneven surfaces, which, besides looks, catch residue and materials that can easily stain after some time. Their pit like surfaces additionally will in general cast harsh shadows (which isn’t at all like sparkling a flashlight under one’s face while telling an eerie story) which causes rooms to seem smaller.

The most effective method to make the Best of Your Popcorn Ceiling 

Next time you experience a dreaded popcorn ceiling, attempt working with it before demolishing it. Your eyes (and lungs) may much be obliged.

Paint It

The way to making your popcorn roof pop is a bright, steady finish. Since they tend to stain, a fresh layer of paint will improve things greatly. Here’s a special reward: Once painted, the outside of a popcorn roof turns out to be less porous, making it less inclined to further staining and residue collection.

Show signs of improvement Lighting

Ditch the recessed and flush roof lights. Great, soft lighting by floor and table lamps will diminish harsh shadows. This will transform your popcorn ceiling into a soft, inconspicuous textural component.


Popcorn ceilings were the most loving thing for almost every homeowner, but nowadays peoples are considering the cottage cheese ceiling removal so that they can enjoy the update ceiling styles.