Popular Clothing Brands Of 2021 For Men

Popular Clothing Brands Of 2021 For Men

Men’s fashion has arguably hit its peak for fashion compared to the previous brands. Some have been around forever. Others have made a return to the fashion industry. There are many styles that men can wear these days. A few brands that make high-quality clothing at affordable prices. It is something that men cannot get enough of. Here are some of the most popular clothing brands of 2021 to date and how you should look at wearing them. 

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore is a well-recognised brand this year and it is easy to understand why. Their clothing isn’t over the top and is a classical style to American clothing. It is a brand that is also worn by those that enjoy wearing streetwear. Furthermore, it has collaborated with many other brands such as New Balance, Timberland and Woolrich. 

Carhartt WIP

Carhartt (work in progress) was for workmen in the 1800s, hence their name. It is a brand that is worn by many people who enjoy wearing mens streetwear. It re-branded back in 1994 when they began their more casual clothing style. It will be one of the longest-serving brands on this list. Not to mention that it lives up to the reputation that they have managed to build over recent years. 


Champion is a brand that usually targets adolescents and young adults. Champion used to be very popular back in the early 00s then seemed to have disappeared. It was not until the last five years, they changed their style into streetwear. A brand that is loved in America as well as the United Kingdom. They specialise in sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies and are seen as a more premium style now. 

Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss was founded back in 1853 and made their first pair of Levi’s in 1873. They have been worn for over 150 years which is quite remarkable. They are one of few brands that have gradually built a reputation that is recognised for the quality of clothing. Denim jeans are a simple solution to many outfits. So, if you are going for any outfit, it has got to be Levi. 

Both quality and durability are something that has got them the respect that they have today. Levi Strauss’ denim jackets are some of the best that you can buy in the fashion world. Do not let the price of their jeans put you off. They last for years and constantly look great as well. 


There are not going to be many brands that are going to be gym wear on here. However, Lululemon has made the list for this one. Their technical athletic gym wear is much more expensive than other brands. However, it is something that you will see a lot in the gym at the moment. Lululemon does not just make their clothing for one specific type of workout. They target everything such as yoga and running. Not to mention casual everyday wear as well. The quality of clothing is definitely worth the money so, do not shy away from buying this brand. 


Moncler is a highly stylish brand when it comes to men’s clothing. They gained their reputation for quality clothing through their jackets. Furthermore, it is also a brand that you will usually see with football hooligans. However, that is not the way the brand should be interpreted. It has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry this year. Valentino and off-white are just a couple of brands that they have collaborated with. 


Nike explores many different target audiences. They are a worldwide brand that has been worn for numerous years. You should have expected this one to be on the list as soon as you started reading. Their stylish and technical gym wear is something that they have built a reputation for. However, they also targeted those that enjoy wearing tracksuits and more casual wear items of clothing. In the sports world, Nike is popular with sports teams due to their Dri-FIT technology. If you don’t have anything that is Nike then you are not doing it right. The price and quality are hard to argue against.

New Balance

New Balance is very similar to a brand that we mentioned earlier, Champion. Once upon a time, they were recognised as the shoes that were made for dads. Now, many young adults enjoy wearing their clothing. Even their gym wear is considered to be a likely purchase for young adults. The best part about this brand? It is very affordable. 


Another brand in the United Kingdom and is known for its high-quality outdoor clothing. It has gone from sportswear to a well-recognised lifestyle brand. Patagonia, not only targets stylish casual clothing but also aims to make their clothes durable. Let’s be honest, durable clothing is everything that a man wants alone. Their clothing is great all year round as well so do not shy away from their items. 

To Conclude

There are many more brands that have been popular this year that have not been discussed. Adidas and Supreme as, well as The North Face, are some honourable mentions. Some stores such as Zara and French Connection provide great clothes for young men as well. Clothing brands are looking to do something different which is great to see. It means not everybody will be walking around in the same clothes.