Popular Family Attractions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its sunny weather year around and plenty of exciting attractions. It is a place where we can relax on sun-baked beach and famous movie-making locations. There are many family attractions in and around the city. The Aquarium of the Pacific is consisted of 19 major habitats with more than 500 species. They represent diverse ecosystem, from the sunny Baja peninsula to the frigid coasts of North Pacific. Other than a wide variety of fishes, we could also see more exotic marine animals, such as sea snakes, sea dragons, puffins and sea horses.

The Sony Pictures Studio is a wonderful glimpse of the movie industry’s glory days. It is where famous movies like Men in Black and Spiderman were filmed. The Zimmer Children’s Museum is ideal for encouraging imaginative play through, creative self expression and interactive learning among young children. As an example, it has a kid-friendly airplane simulator that can take children to various destinations around the world. The Discovery Science Center is located in Santa Anna and it has more than 100 of attractive science exhibits. Families can ride out a violent earthquake with the Shake Shack and go to the Laser Beam Harp to make music interactively.

Kidspace Children’s Museum is a great interactive outdoor and indoor learning center that allows children to learn about the nature, such as fossils and insects. Golf N’ Stuff Family Center is consisted of multiple miniature golf courses with a variety of themes, such as tree house, Californian mission, western ghost town, haunted house, medieval castle and others. There are also exciting rides that include kiddie train, bumper cars, bumper boats, go-karts and others. The Guinness World Records chronicles thousands of record-breaking feats and facts around the world, from the biggest work of art in the world to the lowest limbo.

Wild Rivers Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in Southern California with more than forty attractions and water rides. It’s a great place to chill out during the afternoon, after spending hours under the hot Californian sun. There are many attractions in the waterpark, such as the Explorer’s Island and the 7-story Wild Rivers Mountain. There are also multiple wading pools, scaled-down rides and refreshing spas. The Hollywood Museum has more than 10,000 articles and artifacts in its catalogues from the movie-industry’s past, including Indiana Jone’s whip, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress and Rocky Balboa’s boxing gloves. It is a great place for people who want to pay homage to the golden era of Hollywood. The museum is known for its opulent interiors and restored Art Deco exterior. Newer collections are continuously added.

The Museum of Tolerance is a good way to educate children about issues of discrimination and prejudice. In order to better involve children, there are role playing activities and hands-on exhibits. After visiting the museum, children will better appreciate the multicultural diversity of the society and visitors could also learn more about their heritage.

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