Portable Server Racks For Businesses On The Move

No two companies have the same networking and server needs. Each company has different sized data centers, varying types of equipment, and varied operational growth. So it stands to reason that they may not require the same type of server racks for their equipment. While larger companies need permanent server racks to stand as a testament to their computing greatness, many smaller companies are seeking out portable server racks to house their equipment.

Portability Is Key For Server Racks

Smaller businesses simply don’t need the huge 42U and 44U server racks in their building. The racks take up too much valuable space that is better used for other equipment and office personnel. If they are constantly moving to different offices, the unhooking of cables, wires and mounted equipment from regular stationary racks takes up too much time and wasted effort.

Portable server racks are the better alternative to when both space and movability are key factors in your company. Portable racks come in sizes from 8U (14 inches) to 20U (35 inches) when you only need to house a few servers and related computer equipment. They are lightweight yet durable, as you can stack racks on top of each other to maximize on room space. Many racks have spring-loaded handles and optional casters as they can easily be shifted to other places.

Benefits of Portable Server Racks

There are several key benefits to portable server racks that may convince you this is the best option for your company. Consider all your choices and then invest in the right server racks for your computing operations.

Optimize Room Space

Some small companies can’t dedicate a whole room or office level for a data center. When the office has to combine different office departments, a portable server rack may be the better choice. The server rack can be placed under a desk or on top of a small filing cabinet to optimize room space.

House Other Equipment

Besides computer servers, you can also house surveillance equipment and other electronic items in the portable rack. By combining your electronic storage needs, it allows you to keep all your equipment in a safe place as you can move it when you need to use the equipment.

Change Office Locations Without Dismantling the Rack

Ask your IT technician what the biggest hassle they have to deal with is when moving the computer network to a different building. The technician will talk about dismantling all the equipment in a stationary rack. From unplugging wires to unscrewing mounted equipment, it’s a frustrating hassle. With portable server racks, all the equipment can stay inside the cabinet. Just move everything at once as it will take less time to set up equipment and get computer operations running at the new office location.

Affordability Seals The Deal With Portable Racks

Some smaller companies don’t have the money in their office budget to invest in larger rack systems.Portable racks are more cost-effective when a business doesn’t have tons of equipment to store. They can save money better spent in keeping their computer operations functional.

+Katrina is a product specialist for Racksolutions.com solving issues for your computer server and power needs.