Position Employment Opportunities To Attract The Best Candidates

Naturally, when you conduct a search for candidates for your employment opportunities, you want to take proactive steps to ensure they are the best candidates available. However, you might not have job openings 24/7, but does that mean that you should shut down the careers section on your website and call it a day?

Obviously that’s not the best plan of action. Instead, you should be thinking about how to make the careers section of your wesbite work for you by designing it to attract the best candidates constantly. Since your website is probably the first place a candidate will go in order to find out information about your company and your jobs, this is an important step.

Simplify the Experience for You and Job Candidates
Job candidates don’t want to hunt all over your website to find out how to apply for a job, so make sure the career link or button is clearly marked and holds a prominent place on your home page.

Once candidates reach the careers section, make sure it is easy to navigate. Here’s how:

  • Offer search criteria such as location, job category, keyword, and posted date for the most user-friendly experience.
  • Consider highlighting specialty jobs, including those that are critical to fill, and/or those that are perpetually open (such as call center reps).
  • Create an easy-to-complete application form that requires minimal information and allows candidates to download their resume.
  • Provide functionality that allows candidates to create automated job notifications (for new postings) and to email jobs to friends.

Create a Memorable Experience for Job Seekers
Making your website, and specifically the careers section, easy to navigate goes a long way in simplifying the job search process for candidates. However, you also may want to consider making your career section stand out from the rest of your website by using a customized domain name (getajobwithOurCo.com or workat.OurCo.com).

Another way to make the experience memorable for candidates is by keeping them informed of the status of their application. Automated notifications for when their application is received and when the position of interest is closed go a long way in creating goodwill and bringing good candidates back again and again.

Ultimately, the company website is a reflection of the company itself. The careers section is part of that brand image. Make sure it sends the right message to attract the best candidates to your current (and future) employment opportunities.

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