Post Vacation Blues: Tips For A Constructive First Day Back

Many individuals returning from a long and relaxed vacation may find it difficult to avoid post vacation blues. The first day back at work is usually met with dread and despair, and spent flicking through Facebook photos of the vacation, whilst repeating stories to colleagues who ask, “so, how was your holiday?” It’s safe to say that the first day back from holiday, or even the first week, is generally unproductive, which can only further entrench post vacation blues. In order to make the transition from vacation to work a seamless affair and to avoid post vacation anxiety and stress, we have outlined a few top tips to having a constructive first day back.

Dedicate a Few Hours to Email

If you spent your holiday completely disconnected from technology, it’s likely that you will have a long list of emails and messages to attend to on your return, from both personal and business channels. Nothing spurs on post vacation blues more than having to face a pile of work in the morning and dealing with a backlog that makes you feel as if you are continuously treading water. In order to ease into work, it’s suggested that you allocate a few hours before your first day back to sieve through emails and messages. Although the thought of actually doing work at home before you are due back may send shudders up your spine, it will save you many hours in the long run, reducing anxiety and post vacation blues. If you were fortunate enough to travel across states or go on an international holiday, your return flight may offer enough time to sort out pending emails.

Plan Your First Day

After sifting through emails it’s easy to get an idea of what you can expect from your first day back. You will know what tasks require priority attention and what tasks can wait for the following day. In other words, preparation is key to avoiding post vacation blues and stress. Try and plan your day as much as you can, and don’t forget to leave enough time to relay vacation stories and catch up with colleagues. Verbal stimulation that is not work related can really help break up the day and reduce post vacation blues, but try not to get too distracted.

Re-evaluate Your Work Situation

Breaking away from the regular work routine provides the space and time to evaluate your work situation. If you find yourself overwhelmed with post vacation depression and are simply dreading work, perhaps take it as a sign that it’s time for a career move. Alternatively, think about how you can improve your situation at work through better organisation, communication or training.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business related news and tips. Articles include sourcing the ideal Brisbane serviced office to social media marketing tips.