Predator FAIL

Out in the wild at large or monitored and protected in safari reserves like Londolozi or the Kruger Park – the animal kingdom is a glorious place full of majestic beasts which prowl the plains, forests and mountains in a never ending battle for survival. This all sounds very dramatic but surely there are some ‘majestic beasts’ which just aren’t living up to scratch on the predator scale. Every society has its throw backs and this one can be no different. Without further ado, let’s examine the…


Biggest Losers in the African Bush

 The Lion:

Yes, shock of shocks the King of the Jungle is on this list. Why? Well, one of the African beasts underneath it on the food chain, and featured as prey to the mighty cat, regularly turns the tables and makes this noble predator into a ‘fraidy cat’. The Cape buffalo takes no nonsense and it generally takes quite the gang of lions to take one down. Rather than run away, you’ll find many videos on YouTube that show the ‘prey’ embarrassing their hunters by tossing them around like rag dolls, before strolling off for a nice bite of grass.

The Crocodile:

Another shocker to be sure. The last of the dinosaurs seems pretty tough and no one since Steve Irwin has dared to incite his rage . . . or have they? As it turns out, the killer croc sometimes unintentionally adds to the water content of the river when confronted by raging hippos. Although crocodiles are known to be nearly indestructible, it’s still not wise to partake of the latest sport – hippo surfing, as this apparently slightly handicapped croc learned. Other than being walked on, these sea cows may have been angry over the fact that crocs typically snack on hippo babies, something that the croc seemed to think they wouldn’t have taken so seriously.

The Cheetah:

It’s awesome being a cheetah, you’re the fastest thing on four legs and everyone knows it, it’s also really no problem getting to the shops and back in time for your sitcom. The only problem is that fuel ain’t cheap and cheetahs have to hunt constantly to keep up their energy levels. You wouldn’t think that’s so bad, after all, what could take down something that fast? Well in this YouTube clip it’s pretty apparent that it happens, as this grass munching gazelle has clearly had enough of being chewed on and gives the kitty a piece of what’s attached to his head.

THE Predator:

You’d think that having cool alien technology and a great face for radio would be enough, but apparently not. We hereby give an honourable mention to THE predator . . . although he probably doesn’t deserve it.

Darren Vrede enjoys nothing more than surfing the web and finding interesting tidbids on the web. He normally frequents the skukuza camp in the Kruger National Park and stalks his own prey in the safety of his Jeep Wrangler.