Prepare Yourself For Your Child To Begin Driving

The time has arrived for your child to begin driving. This is no doubt an exciting time for your teenager, and an equally nerve-wracking one for you. In addition to offering driving advice gleaned from years of experience on the road, there are many ways to prepare your child and yourself for this new phase in his or her life. From going online to compare auto insurance rates to having a discussion about safe driving, a little preparation will help you and your teenager feel more confident when he or she hits the road for the first time.
Buying Your Teen’s First Car
Start your young driver off on the right foot by finding a reliable, safe, affordable vehicle. He or she is probably not ready for a new car yet, but selecting a quality vehicle is essential. Automotive and consumer protection publications and websites are a great place to start.
Once you’ve made a list of the most promising makes and models, you’ll be in a better position to shop online and locally. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to run the vehicle identification number through a vehicle history report service. Ask the owner for copies of maintenance records if possible.
Online Auto Insurance Rate Comparison
Now that you’ve found the perfect ride for your new driver, it’s time to choose an insurance policy with great coverage and equally attractive rates. Shop online for no-obligation quotes, where you can find detailed information on a wide number of vehicle insurance providers.
Side-by-side rate comparison sites help you select the perfect insurance company for your child. You’ll get all the data you need to help you make an informed decision, and most sites allow you to apply and enroll in a plan online.

Safety First
Your teen may be ready to start driving his or her first car, but first it’s time for the talk. Reiterate the importance of safety and the necessity of devoting his or her full attention to the road.
Texting may be like breathing to your child, but understanding the danger of doing anything but driving and watching the road is essential. Avoid lecturing, but be sure your daughter or son comprehends the numerous hazards on the road.
Emphasize that you trust your child, but that phones, pedestrians, passengers and music all compete for one’s attention when driving. Complete focus is necessary to drive defensively and anticipate potential dangers.
Preparing Your Child for Driving
When teens first begin driving, all we can do is make practical preparations and provide a little perspective about on-the-road safety. From looking at cars and going online to compare auto insurance policies to setting a good driving example, your child will ultimately appreciate your help in getting them ready for the road.

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