Preparing Your Home Against Fire

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail as the old saying goes; nothing is truer of preparing your home for a possible fire.

House fires can cause an incredible, if not irreparable, amount of damage to your home. The only thing that comes as an advantage over floods or tornado’s is that you can get your home into a fully prepared state, should the worst happen.

A fire can spread and get out of control extremely quickly. The sooner that people are alerted, they can get out the house and the fire brigade arrives the less damage their will be, to both body and home.

So what can you do to make sure you’re a fully prepared should it come to the worst case?

Smoke Alarms

If you plan nothing else when it comes to fires make sure you have a smoke alarm installed and have at least one on every floor. These are your first defence and first warning that there is a possible fire in your home.

You should make sure you test the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a month and regardless of whether the batteries are dead or not they should be replaced at least one per annum.

Escape Routes

Know your escape routes with your eyes closed and on all fours. This way should a fire occur you will be able to get out with inhaling a minimal amount of smoke and in complete darkness. You should also have a second route planned, just in case the first is obstructed, and this can be something like a first floor window.

Make sure your family and more importantly all of your children know how to get out too as there may be no way for you to get to them if a fire occurs. Show them how to get out the normal way and if they must through a window. Show them how to avoid smoke inhalation and how to throw things of out of windows so should they need to jump their fall is broken by something soft; don’t forget they will be much weaker than you.

Informing Neighbours and Emergency Services

Make sure you and your children know how to contact the emergency services. Teach them how to give information about where you live and how many people live in the house. Knowing this will save precious minutes and potentially even more precious lives.

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