Preparing Your Property For New Tenants

The house is almost ready. You’ve had builders in for weeks, new heating system, new windows even the creaky stairs have been repaired. The painting and decorating is almost complete. Everything you could possibly do has been done. Well almost; the bathroom, that lime green 20 year old monstrosity is still lurking in the room you considered to be finished. It didn’t look so bad, until the new radiator and window went in and now it looks like a true eyesore. The only problem is this; you’ve almost exceeded your budget.


After ringing quite a few companies, the cheapest quote you would probably find will exceed the £1000 mark. Now fair enough this would include delivery, vat and installation, but it still seemed to be a touch expensive, and it could take up to 28 days to arrange delivery. This is not a viable option, there had to be another way. The several local megastore DIY centres could do little more, the price will be better, but they never seem to have everything in stock. Everything for the bathroom, apart from the sink, or fittings for the toilet has to be ordered and despatched on a separate delivery, and then there is never a guarantee that everything will arrive, even when they claim it’s all in stock! Of course there will also be the plumber who knows someone who works somewhere who could set you up with a decent suite, for a price! All problems that you just don’t have time for. You’re now considering leaving in the green suite.
Thank god for the interfering neighbour who is adamant on being kept informed of your progress.


The previous year, he had searched the internet, extensively, for a new bathroom suite for his own house and he had stumbled across a true lifesaver. £320 for the full thing. It involved a toilet, toilet seat, bath, basin, pedestal, toilet pan and toilet cistern; all for £320, including VAT. What made it even better though, was that it could be delivered, with no extra charge whatsoever, all within 7 days! You’re saved!


The plumber will install the new bathroom furniture for a very reasonable price and then you can redirect your building team to finish the room off with some beautiful new tiles. It’s complete, finished and ready for the new tenants. You are finally ready to become a landlord.
Interfering neighbours rarely provide decent information. Don’t leave it to chance or pay over the odds. There is a better way to source your own new bathroom furniture.