Price or Quality: Which Matters The Most?

samples of smartphones

Each year, we have seen the emerging of better smartphones in the market. Whether it’s Nokia, Apple, Samsung, or Blackberry, these phones have improved features such as bigger screens, higher resolutions, faster processors, and better cameras. They are so attractive that they make you look at the handy phone you are using, and make you think twice whether or not you need to buy a new phone or not. However, these brand new phones come at a price that makes you think about spending your hard earned money on these new devices. Indeed the big question is: are you willing to spend all that cash to experience the attractive features of these new phones in the market.

If you are a businessman who certainly utilizes business phones to get ahead in the business world, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of spending a lot of money on a new phone.

Appearance vs. Function

More often than not, phone users are overwhelmed by the attractive appearance of a phone model. Because of this, they are willing to spend a lot of money on the latest phone which may be a Samsung S4 or an iPhone 5. Some of the people who are willing to spend a lot of money on attractive phones are teenagers who would love to show off their new phone to their peers and be the talk of the town.

But being a businessman, which actually would you give importance before letting go of your hard earned money to buy the latest phone model? There are businessmen who may not pay much attention to the attractive features of a phone. For instance, some of them might not care too much about the resolution of the images captured with the use of a phone; some of them might not even care whether or not a phone has a camera. For most businessmen, what is important is the phone enables them to communicate with customers or with their business partners. Never mind if the phone does not have a touchscreen feature; as long as they are able to transact business with the use of their phone, they are happy.

Price vs. Utility

As you look at the two phone models displayed inside a store, the price of each phone might make you pause and think for a while. One is expensive while the other one has a cheaper price. When you decide to buy either of the two phones, would your purpose be to use it for business or accentuate your image to your friends? If you are a teenager or someone who cares so much about image, you might end up buying the more expensive phone. Most people associate price with quality. The more expensive a phone is, the better are its qualities.

But this is not the case with most businessmen. Your phone might not really look attractive or have the astounding features but as long as it helps you with your business transactions, then you might have made the right decision to buy the lesser expensive phone. This is why you might choose to buy the Blackberry Q5 than the Blackberry Q 10 which is considered to be a high end phone. In spite of the Q5 being a lesser expensive phone, many businessmen would be happy because they feel that it would allow them to keep in touch with people like their customers and their business associates.

In choosing a phone, a businessman should weigh his or her options carefully. He or she would certainly want to get his or her money’s worth in buying a phone that one would be used in transacting business.