Priest Holmes Speaks Out About NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Here’s something that probably isn’t much of a secret to any of us that follow American Football- the sport can be a very violent one, especially when players are put back on the field after an accident way before they truly are healed enough. That’s why it wasn’t surprising when more than 2000 ex-NFL players got together in a multi-class action lawsuit against the NFL for various concussion related incidents, and their poor handling of players with injuries.
While Former All-Pro running back Priest Holmes isn’t involved in the lawsuit, he has been kind enough to start speaking out about his own experiences on the field, in relations to concussions and sports injuries. Holmes says that he has had multiple hits to the head during his time in the NFL, and sometimes it would get so bad that the sky itself would shift color to odd things like orange or read, even green.

Holmes played for the Ravens and Chiefs during his career from 97 to 05, and said that he feels similarly about how the NFL treated its players, even though he didn’t get involved in the matter directly. Long-term affects of the game for Holmes have included bad migraines on a rather regular basis, and even the beginning onset of arthritis.
It’s a tough nut to crack, when figuring out who’s side you should be on when it comes to the NFL case. Sure, it can be argued that these players know that the game has its major risks, but took the risk in order to play the game and make the very impressive salaries that are given to these professionals. When you make good pay and play a violent sport, dangerous things can happen, after all. That’s until you hear about the second major motivation behind the suit, the claims that the NFL directly witheld information about concussion data away from their players.
Considering many cases where players are thrown back on the field without even having the SCAT concussion test performed, its clear that some of these claims could very well hold merit. NFL games sell, and they can’t be canceling the game or go without key players just because of a little accident, right? At least that’s how the NFL more than likely feels about the situation.
According to Holmes he doesn’t know how the lawsuit will go, but all he really hopes for is that there is more direct awareness of the problem. Considering all the media attention that has been coming in the direction of the NFL lawsuit, I’d say that his wish has already come true- as long as it yields real change in the way that NFL handles its concussion data and players on the field when it comes to injuries.
No matter what happens, football is a game that can be dangerous, like any other contact sport out there. The key to keeping the injuries from getting to crazy is to make sure that the teams are handling their players carefully and looking out for potential issues, such as concussions.
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