Problems With Your Furniture At Work? Tackle Them Today

This article looks at typical issues that occur in the workplace with regards to furniture, desk layout and ergonomics. It suggests easy ways to implement successful changes, for a healthier working environment.

Setting Ourselves Up For Problems?
Many of us work at desks for a large proportion, if not all, of our working days. This can play havoc with our health and well being and cause problems if we are sitting incorrectly, using poor light and carrying out other poorly executed movements and tasks that stress our skeletal, nervous and muscular systems. Symptoms of a poorly performing desk layout include back pain, headaches, neck pain, frozen shoulders, sore wrists and other symptoms. Lethargy and irritation are often symptoms too that the wider working environment needs ‘de-toxing’ which is where the right furniture and layout can greatly help. Take action if you are experiencing furniture at work problems.

Why Do You Need To Look Closer At Office Furniture?
If you are experiencing ill health or physical complaints at work, then take a look at your desk set-up. Is your desk chair comfortable, supportive and easy to move? Is it situated at a height that is suitable for your keyboard? If not, you may be experiencing aches and pains. You should be able to adjust your seat to make it work for you. If not, you may need a new desk. Similarly, other accessories such as backrests and rolls can help to encourage good posture and simply strap onto the back of your chair, providing a ‘prompt’ to your spine to maintain its natural curve. If you buy the right remedial equipment, furniture at work problems will no longer be a problem. If you are experiencing headaches or eye strain, then look at lighting. Do you have adequate light for what you are doing and is it natural light? Ideally the answer will be yes to both. Things to remedy include poor light, bright overhead UV light that is irritating you, particularly if it is flickering and a computer screen that is the wrong brightness for your comfort level. Speak to your IT team if you work in an office, or try different desk lighting arrangements if you work at home. Try adding some greenery to the space too, for greater oxygen availability.

Investing In The Right Kit
If you invest in high quality furniture, furniture at work problems will be a thing of the past. The right supplier will pride itself on excellent product quality, delivery and customer service and Furniture At Work (The company) have invested heavily in developing their systems, processing speeds, quality control and staff training, in a bid to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service. This means that customers can expect to buy high quality office furniture products that are designed to meet specific needs, with the excellent service expected for pricing, delivery and post-fulfillment customer service. There is also a strong after-sales policy in place for peace of mind and customers are reporting increasingly satisfied feedback on their overall experience.

So don’t allow your furniture problems at work to get out of hand and leave you experiencing health problems! Tackle them now and invest in highly functional, comfortable and attractive furniture today. You will see and feel the difference in your output, productivity and overall enjoyment of work!

Ilena writes regularly on furniture at work problems and office layouts for a range of consumer magazines and blogs. Find out more about her preferred office furniture supplier here.