Promotional Items That Leave A Mark

With all the advertising possibilities available nowadays certain products and services tend to get lost in the mix and they tend to become background noise. This is not to say the product is not good enough or not positioned correctly, it just means that the promotional tactics are not approached correctly for that product. There more than likely is a market for the product and enough customers that would be willing to try it should they were aware of it.

For instance, there is an increased awareness of natural foods and organic markets are popping up everywhere; but with high demand, come high competition and the companies that have the most awareness usually get the biggest piece of the pie.  So creating awareness with promotion is the first step to grabbing a share of this market. Then promotional items such as a bio degradable custom bag with the store’s name and logo seen walking down the street will expand this awareness to consumers that may not have originally thought of buying at this type of store.
Having a complimentary product that goes hand in hand with your company’s strategy and main customer base is a great way to expand awareness. The more consumers that are seen with a promotional product that is in line within that targeted market, the more advertising that will be generated from a fairly inexpensive product and more people will be reached. Consumers that may have seen other forms of advertising will become more aware of the product if it is seen in other avenues such as a customer walking home with this custom bag as they walk home too.
This is the perfect opportunity and environment to reach a consumer as they might already be thinking they need to stop by the store; having this brand fresh on their mind when they need it the most will increase the chance that they will try a new product and go into that store.  So as you can see, finding the right type of promotional product and placing it after a strong advertising campaign is not a waste of money, on the contrary is a very inexpensive way to prolong awareness of the product being advertised.
Make sure the promotional product is in line with the company’s strategy and that it is appealing to an extended customer base for the most effective use of the company’s promotional items budget.
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Odette is an author who specializes in Promotional Products and has a passion for Green Advertising.

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  1. The nature of promotional merchandise means that you don’t need to spend massive amounts on advertising, since the promotional gifts you give to customers will do most of the legwork for you. Giving out promotional items will help to reflect your professionalism and generosity, further boosting the reputation of your company.

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