Pros and Cons Of The Format Factory

Nowadays people want to convert their favorite files to be played o every device. The devices where they want to convert files are very popular due to many features. Almost everyone owns these devices. Sometimes, people want to watch their old favorite movie and covert that into their device. This is possible with the help of Format factory. Format factory is the freeware program which converts all the audio, video and image files to be played on other devices. It has many advance features along with certain benefits. But at the same time, as it is the computer program it also has some of the disadvantages. In order to discuss these in details, the following are some of the pros and cons of the Format factory:

Pros of the Format Factory

  • Format factory program is free and can be downloaded from the website. It latest version can also be purchased which provides the additional feature along with certain advance characteristics.
  • Format factory support the conversion of all king of audio, video and picture format very quickly without taking more time of the user.
  • Format factory supports the ripping DVDs and convert them to video files.
  • It also has the capacity to do some of the editing in the files like rotation and placing the watermark on thepictures. It also has the ability to scale, merge and split the files according to the requirements of the users.
  • The devices on which it can convert the files are PSP, iPhone, Android and others.

Cons of the Format Factory

  • One of the most alarming disadvantages of the format factory is that it contains only the window version. So it is not the supportive program on the Mac. In short, Mac users can’t use this program.
  • There is a chances that, the format factory doesn’t support the file and in unable to convert it on the desired format.
  • It doesn’t support the multiple files at once which are stored in the media directory of the system.
  • Format factory also doesn’t support some of the YouTube files and convert them on the given or required format. Editing is also not possible in YouTube videos.
  • Format factory don’t show all the information of the converted videos rather it only show the existing information of the videos and other files.
  • When once the file is converted, then it is not possible to convert it back to the actual version as there is no pause or resume button in the program.