Protect Your Business With Window Security Grilles

You’ve probably walked past a company premises and seen those awful looking bars across the front windows. You know…the ones that make a regular office look like a prison. The truth is that these bars are great at protecting a business. The good news is that recent advances in their design have seen these protective bars look less like they’ve been lifted from a prison and more like they’ve been lifted out a contemporary design magazine. Read on for a few reasons why window security grilles will help you sleep at night.

First things first, they protect
Now there’s no doubt that you’re a righteous upstanding citizen, but take a hypothetical step back from that life and put yourself in the mind-set of a thief. Imagine there’s an office protected by security bars and then there’s your office with its naked windows on show. Who would you try and rob? Though so, window security grilles are really great deterrents and they will minimise your risk of a break in.

They are cost effective
This is the part that you may overlook. However, window security grilles give you plenty of bang for your buck. The initial purchase can quickly be counteracted with a swift call to your insurance provider. Many insurance firms recommend window security and almost all of them will recognise the fact that you have them installed. In return, you’ll be provided with a reduced insurance premium. Then there’s the overall safety they provide. Break-ins can be expensive and not just in terms of insurance. You could potentially lose your valuable data or your office for a few days when repairs are being made, and this can cost you both time and money.

Burglaries happen
This is the part where you need to have your head and feet firmly on the ground. The old ‘it won’t happen to me’ phrase is redundant here. If you’ve been trading in your current premises a little while then you probably already know of businesses in your area that have been burgled. The truth is, it has got to happen to somebody, and with today’s tough economic climate crime is on the up. Hundreds of businesses get broken into each week. Many of these could have been prevented with proper security measures in place.

You won’t look like a prison
Aesthetics do play an important role. If you hold meetings at your office then you’re not going to want potential partners to think they’re stepping into Guantanamo Bay. Manufacturers now realise this and are making window security grilles more attractive. There’s even the modern option of having retractable grilles that act like curtains. In the day, you can have your window as normal and at night, you have the full protection of a high quality grille. Otherwise, if you’d prefer a fixed bar grille, then these are now available in a whole host of colours and designs to suit the décor of your business. Security doesn’t have to be ugly!

That’s that! Hopefully you’ll see why security grilles are a great idea for protecting your business. Stuart Withers is a professional copywriter and office owner, complete with a set of window grilles. He recommends West Midland Shutters for quality, service, and price. They operate all over the midlands and offer top notch protection.