Public Transport & Sightseeing In London

If you are visiting London and interested in visiting some of the many amazing and interesting landmarks, you may be worried about getting around. Getting around London can be very easy due to it’s many simply methods of public transport.

The Tube – London Underground

The tube otherwise known as the London underground is the most popular method of transport in London. The tube is an underground rail service, that provides easy transport to stations all over Londons. With 11 different lines and 250 stations, you are never short of places to see and you will never need to walk very far.

There are many maps of the underground that are available to buy when you get to London, so make sure to pick one of those up. The tube might seem confusing when you first get to London but it is actually a very good method of transport.

Once you grasp the basic concept of all the lines and stations, it is easy to navigate yourself around. Sightseeing in London is amazing, there is so much to see and do. If you planning a visit to the incredible London eye, the nearest tube station is Waterloo, which is just seven minutes away.

If you are planning an amazing day shopping at the world famous Oxford Street, Bond Street tube station will bring you out right by the bustling shops at only one minute away. You can use an oyster card to get around London, using it as many times and as much as you like, providing it is topped up. There are also all day tickets you can purchase, which will allow you to travel within certain zones on the London underground, all day.

London Buses

The red double decker London bus is recognised worldwide, and the bus network is also an easy way to get around. There are many bus companies that offer interesting tours around famous Landmarks.

This can be very useful if you do not want to find your own way around. There are several hidden art galleries in London, that can be found by catching the bus to those locations. There is a secret gallery in Old Kent Road, Euston Road, Kennington Road and more. There are bus stops on nearly every street in London, clearly labelled where they are going. They are usually packed full of tourists especially those going to popular landmarks, but they are very regular and there is always another one on its way.

Cycling Scheme in London

The cycling scheme is one in which you can pay a price to hire a bicycle for however long you need it. This can be a good choice for you, if you want to explore London yourself without having to rely on public transport.

The buses are available 24 hours a day and can be very useful for locals and tourists. To be able to use a bike you have to join the scheme at

It is £3 to sign up, and then you can either pay a daily, weekly or annual fee. This can save you money, if you are cycling around London regularly.

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