Pursuing A Career In The Legal Industry

There are more careers available in the legal industry than practicing lawyers. Advancements in technology and broadening global markets have contributed to the growth and development of several legal professions.
Legal Secretaries and Assistants
The growth of career opportunities in the legal field has also increased the number of legal secretaries and assistants offices need to employ. Legal secretaries assist lawyers and other law professionals with administrative tasks including filing, billing and client communications.

Expert Witnesses and Trial Consultants
New technology and areas of study means there is a greater need for specialized trial consultants and expert witnesses. Lawyers are frequently faced with cases where they need to convey a complex theory but do not have the expertise needed to present the necessary evidence. Trial consultants utilize their education and experience as a tool to help explain complicated or lofty concepts to judges and juries.
Legal Nursing Consultants
Qualified nurses can increase their income by taking on work as a legal nursing consultant. Like trial consultants, legal nursing consultants lend their medical expertise to lawyers who are dealing with cases involving medical information.
A mediator, also called an arbitrator, serves as an unbiased third party to help companies and other groups come to an agreement in a dispute without needing to go to court. Litigation can be time consuming and expensive. Mediators offer a less expensive option which can lead to a solution that still satisfies both sides of the disagreement.
Jury Advisors or Consultants
Trial lawyers often use the expertise of jury advisors or consultants when preparing a high profile case and selecting the jurors who will decide the verdict. Jury consultants have an understanding of juror psychology and can help a lawyer choose the best jurors for the case and tailor how evidence is to be presented.
Stenographers, or court reporters, type everything that is said in a courtroom on a specialized typewriter or computer so there is a word-for-word record of all proceedings. The average stenographer can accurately type at an impressive rate of 200 WPM (words per minute).
Electronic Discovery Specialists
The constant evolution of technology related to the legal field has contributed to the development of a new profession in the industry. Electronic discovery specialists are tasked with managing the process of locating, storing and preparing electronic information for litigation.
Those interested in entering the legal field do not need to limit their career options to becoming a lawyer. Growth in the legal profession has opened the door to a number of new careers.
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