Put Your Differences Aside To Work Through Your Divorce

Put Your Differences Aside To Work Through Your Divorce

It’s the unfortunate reality that so many first marriages end in divorce. But, second and third marriages don’t fare so well either. And it’s an even more unfortunate reality that children are the victims of these breakups, and attorneys see children used as pawns many times because they generally have no voice. Here, we’d like to explain some ways you can get through your divorce without using your child as a pawn, and work out a way that ensures your child’s best interests always remain the focus here.

Deciding Who Has Custody

The court system decides which parent will gain custody of their children. The custodial parent then has all of the power to make the necessary decisions regarding where the children will live and what activities they will participate in. The non-custodial parent gets visitation and has to pay child support.

Many times, the court will issue a temporary order of custody in order to determine which parent is the parent who can provide the best for the child. In this situation, you would need to find a temporary order attorney in Phoenix, Az.

Amicable Divorce

If parents don’t want to go through a power struggle and put more stress and anxiety not only on themselves but on their children, they may want to work together to come up with a compromise that will allow parents to work together to raise their children. Too many times parents use the courtroom as a battlefield, and in the end, no one really wins. Talking with your temporary order attorney in Phoenix, Az. May be helpful in these types of situations.

Co-Parenting Techniques

Some parents decide right off the bat to alienate children. This is done by making negative comments about the other parent, perhaps mentioning that the father’s fishing trip is more important than spending time with his children. Or, by moving away, not because of a job relocation, but just to spite the other parents. And, all too often, parents withhold visitation rights from the other parent, which is hurtful and many times goes against court orders.

In order to get through a divorce without the full-blown war, consider co-parenting, working together to find a common solution to the problem. If a parent must move away because of a job, try to find an agreeable solution to extended visitations. Involve the other parent in important decisions. Yes, you’re hurt, but your child is suffering too. Try to see things through his eyes.

Divorce is hard, and it is easy to let your feelings get in the way of what is the right thing to do. Discuss all of your options with an experienced temporary order attorney in Phoenix, Az. Perhaps a temporary order is necessary, but it’s also helpful to discuss other ways you and your ex-spouse can work to give your child the proper time and space he needs to adjust to his new life. You’re both still his parents, and nothing will take that away.