Putting Christmas Lights and Decorations on Your Roof

Christmas is one of the most sought after events of the year. You show your Christmas spirit by setting up wonderful lights and displays that will make your holidays extra special. But with your desire to make your home well decorated for the season, you also need to observe safety precautions to not compromise your well-being. You wouldn’t want to turn the happiest occasion of the year into a dreadful experience.

Here are the things you should do to make the decorating process safety-proof.

  • Plan out how you want to decorate your roof.

Plan how you would want to design your roof by considering the specific décors you’ll use and where to place them. Also, if you were able to layout your plan ahead of time, you will be able to know which miscellaneous items to use, including nails, hammers, clips, ropes, electric outlets, cable wires, tapes and the like.

  • Measure the length of your roof and inspect it for damage.

You should be able to measure the length of your roof before you start buying your supplies so that you will know how long your Christmas lights should be or how many ornaments you might need for your design. In measuring the length of your roof, you may also inspect it for damage so that you can see which needs to be fixed to avoid any untoward incident during your installation.

  • Test the lights and other electrical décors you will use for safety purposes.

Before installing the lights and other electrical decors, make sure you test each one of them first. Inspect for possible burn out bulbs or disjointed cords. Moreover, be observant of the capacity of the electrical outlet because you wouldn’t want to start a fire or have electrical problems which may put your lives in danger.

  • Choose the right ladder and safety gears.

Since you will depend on a ladder to be able to reach your roof, be sure it is sturdy and is placed in an even ground with just the right angle against the wall. It would be great if someone can look after you while installing these items on your roof. Additionally, it would be of great help if you wear safety gears such as a pair of gloves to protect your hands from cuts or helmet to safeguard your head.

Other Tips in Installing your Christmas Lights/Décor

  • Make sure that the Christmas lights and other electric décors are especially made for outdoor use.
  • Use plastic clips (with hook or shingle tabs) to keep decors in place instead of staples when setting up Christmas lights to avoid damaging your gutter.
  • It would be best to clip your lights in the eaves of the roof or edge of the gutter.
  • Minimize or totally disregard the thought of screwing your decors on the roof for it may compromise the integrity of your roof.
  • You may tie heavy sandbags at the bottom of large decors such as Santa Claus or the sleigh and deer ornaments to prevent them by being knocked down by heavy wind

As much as you want to decorate your house perfectly this Christmas, there are safety precautions that you must follow especially when you need to install Christmas lights/decors on your roof. Bear in mind these useful tips for they will not only save you and your family from harm but will also ensure that you will enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.

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