Qualities Your Corporate Stationery Should Have

Corporate stationery is some of the more skipped over products when it comes to business printing. When you order brochures and important business pages, do not forget to order corporate stationery. Quality is key when it comes to corporate stationery. Make sure to employ some basic principles when you create and order corporate stationery.

Simple Design

When it comes to corporate stationery, less is more. Though it may be tempting to go with a lot of flair and to add a lot of typing in the space that stationery gives, it is necessary to keep it light. Give the most important information that you have for the stationery. This includes your business name and contact information. Other than pertinent information, keep the stationery wording clear and light. This will not only make the design easier to read, but it will also make it easier for your printing business.

Print on Good Stock Paper

A quality paper is the number one choice that you want to make when you have corporate stationery from Peppermint printed. Make the quality of the paper sturdy. For letterhead paper, you do not have to use stiff paper, but use paper that hold a typed letter and be presented to another business. Corporate stationery is used for business means, so it must translate professionally. If the paper is too thin to hold written or typed letters, it will not work for corporate stationery use.

A Good Motto

Any good business understands the need for a good motto. A motto is something that the general public can remember about you by. The motto can be a sentence, statement, or even one word. As long as the motto directly relates to your business, you will be able to leave an impression on current and future customers. Add the motto to your business stationery near your company name for the best effect possible. If you do not yet have a motto, feel free to order the stationery without it and add it in as you develop your business.

Corporate Colours

Colouring is the place that you have free reign when it comes to corporate stationery. Stationery colours should match the branding colours of your business. Branding colours are the colours that your business is known for. This may be the colours that are in your advertisement, on your sign, or on your company uniforms. Feel free to mix in the colour white as the default colour for the background of stationery. White, or any off white variation, makes it easy for the stationery to be read. For letterhead, white and off white are better options than having a coloured background. For some pieces, such as business cards, colouring is fine as the background shading. Be sure to get the advice of the printer before you order. If you plan to use a coloured background, have the printing company complete one sample before you give the go ahead to continue with coloured backgrounds. This will allow you to be sure that the colour translates well for business stationery needs.

Frank Miller gets his corporate stationery from Peppermint.