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playgroundWhen you ask a group of young children what their favorite part about school is you will most likely get the same response again and again: recess.  It’s important to remember that what makes a great recess is quality playground equipment.  Playground equipment comes in all shapes and sizes as well as different varieties depending on the age group being entertained.  What may be great playground equipment for younger children may not be as great for older children.

What sort of playground equipment is good for early childhood play (Toddler to five year old)?

Glad you asked.  Early childhood playground equipment revolves around the fantasy of encountering a new world of strange sites and attractions.  Imagine    how excited your child will be when they come upon a wonderful world all their own. Childhood is a special time, a time when we should nurture our children and let them soak in the glory and simple beauty of youth.

There are also many different forms of slides.  Gone are the days of boring old single shoot slides! There are plenty more pieces of equipment to enjoy.  These colorful attractions are full of fun and surprises. Every child is guaranteed to have fun.

Early childhood playground equipment should introduce your young child to a new world of possibilities and what could be more amazing to their young minds than a tiny tree house that is just the right size for them.

What sort of playground equipment is appropriate for older children?

These are known in the business as Independent Play Events.  They allow children older than five years old to enjoy a more adventurous play time experience.  Independent Play Events involve a more physically active approach to play ground fun.

Independent Play Events include monkey bars.  These monkey bars are more colorful than their forefathers and are designed in a much easier to use fashion.

There are also several varieties of riders which bounce and rock along with the child’s motion.  These riders come in planes, boats, and even bulldozer models depending on preference.

What about swings?  Are some better than others for certain age groups?

Yes, some swings are better for younger age groups while still others are designed for the enjoyment of older children.

Depending on the age group you are preparing for you should consider the size and general design of each swing and it’s corresponding posts.

The higher the posts the more likely they were designed with older children in mind.

Shorter posts are generally designed for the safety of younger children.

There is also a wide range of colors available to match any playground color scheme.

After you settle on a suitable size of swing you should consider several different sized swing seats for the added safety of the children.

Older children would enjoy belt seats.

Younger children should be advised to sit in full bucket seats which provide added protection and safety.

It’s important to remember that while playground equipment can be a lot of fun, it’s crucial to think of safety first.

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