Quality Stitching Is Essential In A Good Suit

You only have one chance to make a first impression.  However, do you really know from where your first impression comes?  Your personality!  A high-rate suit can surely make the difference in the way that you look and feel about yourself.  The perfect suit and the perfect fit can allow you to look either ordinary or extraordinary, depending on the suit that you chose.  By wearing that perfect suit, your confidence level will rise exponentially and the perception of your self-image becomes more sharp and precise than you probably would have ever known it could.  In the UK, however, the problem that most men face is that they do not know how to buy the perfect suit.  They are even clueless about what to consider when shopping for that perfect suit.  Research has shown that 75% of men throughout the United Kingdom are not able to get to their desired look and overall style because of their lack of knowledge on dressing, shopping and current trends overall.  Is there really anything better than buying the perfect suit?

Buying a suit is not as much difficult task as most of the men in UK may think.  One of the key principles that you want to focus on when shopping for a good quality suit that is going to last you for several years (and even decades) instead of several months (or even weeks) is the fabric, stitching and stuffing within the suit itself. 

The Importance of the Stitching

In the UK, many men do not know how to check the quality of the suits that they are interested in buying.  Popular brands and top menswear companies use high quality wool, silk and even micro-fibers to make their suits.  These are the factors that you want to pay attention to when deciding which suit you want to invest in.  You want a fabric and stuffing that feels soft and comfortable, but also gives your body a sharp and elegant look and flair.  The hallmark of a man’s suit is the fine and natural fabric of the suit itself.  Why?  In a good quality suit, a man will not only feel good but the suit is able to maintain its shape and color.  In order to achieve that goal, it is highly recommended that you avoid polyester.  What else should you keep in mind?

You must check the fabric to ensure patterns line up at the joint.  This is highly important at the pocket, collar and shoulders of the suit.  To ensure the weave’s stiffness, you need to check the fabric of the weave in the light – not outside in the dark or inside of a store with bad lighting.   It is also wise to check for any undone or slack threads throughout the fabric of the suit itself.  Check the grain of the fabric being used.  A good tip to keep in mind is to make sure that the perpendicular grain runs straight up and down the fabric while the parallel grain runs at a 90 degrees angle to that line.  Test the durability and resilience of the fabric by scrunching it up and see how long it takes to bounce back.  If it takes more than a few minutes, it is considered good quality since the fabric is free of rumples.  Don’t forget to check the stitches to make sure that they are secure.  It is vital for you to make sure that there are no less than 8-12 stitches per inch throughout the fabric.  The edges should be virtually hidden.  

It is important to keep these points in mind when shopping for the perfect suit.  The look and overall style of the suit are essential points to consider when shopping.  However, you need to adhere to these checkpoints to make sure that the quality suit is actually a quality suit and doesn’t just look like it does.

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