Quick And Healthy Lunch Ideas

For many people getting a nutritious and healthy lunch is sometimes just a dream. Mom’s are busy trying to feed kids, run errands, and keep a house among other things. Working parents usually try and squeeze as much as possible into lunch time with actually eating being the least of their concerns. But if you are also trying to lead a healthy lifestyle then a quality lunch is something you need.

So here we have some quick, simple, and healthy options for lunches.

Ideally you want something that takes little time to gather in the morning before you rush out the door. Also you want to be able to prepare it quickly no matter where you are. With that in mind we have the following options!

Quick and Healthy Lunch Ideas

  • Tuna Fish Sandwich – You can make a few cans of tuna on the weekend or at night so you have plenty to use during the week. In the morning you can use a few pieces of whole grain bread and maybe slices of pickles and low-fat cheese for a power packed lunch treat. Include fruit juice and a piece of fruit like an apple or banana to finish things off nicely.
  • Pasta – Leftover (or made just for lunches) pasta is a great idea. You can mix up a variety of noodle types along with either grilled chicken or low fat meatballs. If you have already cooked it previously with a light sauce then you can simply re-heat in the microwave and get a great meal in. Whole grain noodle options are the best!
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – This is a perfect option for people who love eggs. Bring 2-3 hard boiled eggs to lunch and enjoy them with a PB&J (low fat peanut butter and whole grain bread) and mixed fruit such as grapes and cantaloupe.
  • Cottage Cheese Mix – Cottage cheese is an underused food that is very high in protein. It mixes well with all sorts of fruits from grapes and strawberries to fresh melon. You can also add a little honey for a sweetener. Carrot sticks and celery make a great side.
  • Burritos – This is another leftover idea. Making healthy burritos can be easy at home. You use whole grain tortillas, brown rice, refried beans mixed with low-fat cream cheese, and grilled chicken. You can easily add low-fat sour cream or a little guacamole after you heat it up for added flavor.

Now these ideas are just a starting point. Making meals ahead of time on a Sunday evening really helps get the week started. But even in a pinch yogurt and fruit makes a better choice than anything else you might grab at a restaurant or store (cheaper too). But keeping your fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies like carrots and celery gives you quick options and variety to pack a lunch. 

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