Quick & Easy Bathroom Make Overs

A friend of mine recently had some major work done on several rooms in her house.  Her master bathroom was one of them and the instant I walked into it I felt like I was at a spa.   Everything about it was calming and serene from the paint color, to the bathroom wall mirrors, to the plush towels.  I was immediately envious of her bathroom and was very disappointed to go home to my very blah bathroom.  After recently redoing my kitchen, I don’t have the money, time, or patience to deal with a major bathroom renovation.  After looking closer at my space, I realize that anyone can give their bathroom a face-lift by purchasing some new accessories to give their bathroom a spa-like feel.

First, take a look at the light in your bathroom.  Maybe you have a sky light like I do that lets in large amounts of light (sometimes too much).  If this is the case, you can get away with going a little darker in your paint color or accessory choices to give your bathroom a warmer, less sterile, feel.  If you do not have any windows in your bathroom, hanging bathroom wall mirrors throughout your space is a great way to bounce light throughout the room.  Mirrors, like candles, are double duty pieces that not only accessorize the room, but also help light it.  Don’t overlook what wattage light bulbs you choose either.  You typically should not go any higher than a 60 watt light bulb in a bathroom to avoid over lighting the space and making it look too harsh.  Changing or adding light to your bathroom is a great way to make your place feel soothing.

Switching up the color in your bathroom is a cheap and easy way to make a quick change to your bathroom.  If you want to go for the spa-like feel, choosing colors like sage green, warm tans, and grays is a good way to go.  Find colors that aren’t bright and harmful to your eyes when you look at them.  You want to enter your bathroom in the morning and not be stunned by fluorescent green walls.  You also want to end your day relaxing in your tub surrounded by calming colors.
Once your wall color is chosen, you can start loading up on accessories to really personalize your space.  Splurge on extra soft towels and bath mats in coordinating colors.  Select other bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders and cups that will make your bathroom functional.  As mentioned earlier, consider new bathroom wall mirrors and candles to properly light your space.
With a few minor changes, you will feel like you’re walking into a spa every morning as you enter your bathroom.
Jill Burbank is a blogger with a love for remodeled homes. Follow Jill @JillBurbank2.