Quick Stops for Quenching Appetites in Dublin

Traveling is a peculiar experience. Each destination holds countless new adventures for you to behold. Whether it be business or pleasure that brings you to Dublin, these experiences that await you can be transcending.

However, with a tight schedule to follow or a busy day, sometimes the one thing you need is to replenish those burnt off calories. So leaving the airport head to Dublin car rental, pick out your vacation’s chariot and head out to St. Patrick’s Cathedral or the Dublin Castle with a few pre-planned places to grab a quick bit to eat.

The Noodle House – Located on 32 Wexford St, this homely shop serves up some delicious Asian dishes. This is the place you want to head to satiate that craving for Chinese food. With an option for take away, let your dogs rest after walking all day and bring a plate of pad Thai chicken back to your room and relax. The Noodle House has some great food for extremely reasonable prices.

Burritos & Blues – If Mexican food is on your mind for lunch or dinner, look no further. With two locations in Dublin, Burritos & Blues will make you question what country you’re in. This restaurant boasts about the freshness of their food, using Irish produce to mix with the Mexican dishes. Quick and easy, this is the place to stop for a burrito and a beer. Make sure you bring your appetite.

Wow Burger – Sometimes after a nice hangover all you need is some grease; what better way to deliver it to your system than with a thick, juicy burger and a side of fries. Wow Burger has four locations in Dublin for you to stop in and sit. The menu may seem small, but the huge burgers will make up for the lack of diversity. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, a burger and fries here will do the job of kicking that hangover or filling that empty stomach.

Bunsen – Another burger place, this time with four locations spread out in Dublin. This lively restaurant is a stop for a quick bite, and each bite is going to be filled with savory beef. This places slogan is straight up burgers, so when you step in Bunsen you already know what you’re in for. With a menu proudly thinned down to burgers, fries and drinks; this place will leave your taste buds craving for more. Eat in or take out, this place is serious about its product so you know you’ll enjoy every bite.


Ho Ho – Located at 13 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, this Chinese restaurant is fast as it is good. With a huge selection of food on their menu, any popular Chinese dish can be found. With dine-in, take out and delivery, this is a go to place for you to stop and fill up. Not only is the place accommodating and cute, but the food is beyond good. From duck to vegetarian dishes, and everything in between, you wont leave here feeling hungry. So leaving Dublin after a long and taxing flight, head to one of these fast food type restaurants for a quick bite. Remember vacations are relaxing. Save money and time with these easy and scrumptious choices!

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