Quick Time-Killing Games Online: Kane the Ninja

Looking for a fun option to kill a few minutes? There’s nothing better for that than a quick online game. If you need a fast game option to spend a few moments on while you’re in between activities, then here’s a good option for you.

Kane the Ninja is a simple yet extremely fun side-scroller game, one of the best online ninja games you’ll find anywhere. This game is basic, and really only good for a few minutes of gameplay, but if you get into it there is actually a whole lot of potential for fun and enjoyment.

The story is simple: you’re a ninja who is questing to rescue the princess who has been kidnapped. An overused storyline, yes, but still perfectly good and valid as it ever was. Really, it’s just an excuse for the game makers to send your character on an adventure where he has to fight hundreds of little soldiers.

And the soldiers are no easy battle either. You face quite a challenge trying to sneak up on guards and kill them before they kill you. One slice from one of these soldiers, and you lose a life. Three lives gone, and you’re dead. It’s that simple. It’s a challenging little game, harder than you might expect.

The graphics are clean, the art is pleasant, and the game holds up very well overall. It can lag a little at certain points, but if you have a good internet connection you become accustomed to it. The game is good for a few minutes of play, and you could get lost in the story and caught up in the challenge and end up playing for a full hour or more. It doesn’t take long to beat the game, though, so perhaps you could do it within only a few hours of trying.

As you progress, you’ll get more and more into the game. Eventually, you could find yourself engrossed in the simple animated adventure. It’s a challenging game that takes a lot of skill, as you could die within just a few minutes of beginning. You’ll find yourself trying the levels over and over, trying to beat the soldiers that you can’t seem to get past and the bosses that simply don’t die. It’s a perfect way to kill a few minutes, but if you aren’t careful you could find yourself engrossed in the game for much longer than that.