Quirky Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa is normal practice in the workplace nowadays and involves picking the name of someone from a hat and buying them a present, without them finding out who bought it for them. There is usually a small budget associated with a Secret Santa present, so you really need to use your imagination if you want to buy something which the other person will like. These secret Santa present ideas may give you some useful suggestions, if you are a bit unsure of what to get.

Gifts for Work
There are plenty of ways you can use your imagination when coming up with secret Santa present ideas for the workplace. You can adapt a standard present, such as a mug, to make it a bit more interesting. There are plenty of styles and shapes of mugs, which you can tailor to suit the personal you are buying for. You can buy mugs with all sorts of slogans on them, as well as those which change color with the heat. There are also other useful secret Santa present ideals for the workplace, such as desk tidies in the shape of a wheelie bin or other such objects. If you buy something a bit quirky it will show you have used some innovation and can be useful for anyone, even if you don’t really know the individual you are buying for.

Gifts for the Home
If you are looking for secret Santa gift ideas which can be used in the home, but are also quite quirky and a bit innovative, there are lots of options to choose from. Gifts which will add a bit of spark to your home are ideal secret Santa present ideas, such as color changing candles, lights in all sorts of styles and shapes and anything which looks a bit different. An easy way to be creative is to think of any useful item for the home, but buy one which is a bit more fun and will stand out. Secret Santa presents can often be a bit dull and boring, so let your imagination run wild and give your colleague a gift which will raise a smile. You can find these secret Santa gift ideas in a range of prices, so you don’t need to break the bank to get something a bit special.

Gifts for a Night Out
There are plenty of quirky secret Santa gift ideas, if you want to buy your present for a colleague who enjoys a good night out. You can find personalized shot glasses or shot glasses which are iced or designed for jelly shots and these are gifts which the receiver is likely to get a lot of use from. You can also find bottle openers in all sorts of shapes and with a range of uses, so they can be taken out for a night out or a visit to a friend’s house.

Gifts for a Night In
If the person you are buying the gift for prefers a quiet night in to a night on the tiles, there are many secret Santa present ideas which will be suitable. You may want to buy them a pair of microwavable slippers, which will be toasty to wear on those cold, winter nights. There are other secret Santa present ideas which are perfect for a bit of pampering, such as hot stones or any kind of lotions and potions which are a bit different to the traditional types you could buy. You can tailor these gifts to suit the person you are buying for and spend as little or as much as you would like.

Why not break away from the normal, by making your secret Santa gift ideas a bit more interesting and unique.