Rabbit In The Hat Online Slot Review

Perhaps the most exciting progressive online slot offered by genre-dominators Microgaming thus far in 2015 arrives in the form of the Rabbit in the Hat online slot.

Despite the fact that the Rabbit in the Hat only hosts 9 pay lines, it does offer players the option of tweaking coin values – from 0.01 upwards – which means the scope of pay outs is wholly dependent on the budget and bankroll of the individual. This is not only a unique feature, but also highly refreshing within the modern context of online slots.

In terms of jackpot payout, prospects are slim at first given the lesser number of lines available, however with perseverance the bonus rounds will soon be triggered – and these are where the real money makes itself available. Alongside the base game symbols, which each take on a traditional magic theme, there’s a number of scatter, bonus and wild buttons.

The most commonly encountered features within the Rabbit in the Hat slot are probably the free spins and the bonus game. A set of 10 free spins in total can be won in different ways over the course of the game, each offering a very real chance of encountering a huge payout – particularly in the event that a hat drops onto one or more of your reels while the spins are playing.

Bonus games are as frequent as in any Microgame slot, and of course offer their own array of bonus features on top of the base game – the most enticing of which is probably a set of wild reels.

All things considered, the Rabbit in the Hat slot is yet another sign of Microgaming’s continued domination of this sector of the industry. Well designed, functional and very fun indeed, there is little more that you could realistically ask of a game of this kind. Click here to visit Sun Vegas Casino

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