Race Nights For Cost Free Party Entertainment

If you are planning on hosting a party but are struggling to find suitable entertainment to fit your budget, then you should consider holding a race night, which you can hold in the comfort of your own home.   With a little planning a race night can provide a fantastic cost-free party alternative.

Race nights can be popular events, often used for fundraising.  The event simulates a real night at the races by displaying pre-recorded races, normally horse races, on a DVD.  The races are presented to the audience either on a large projector or flat-screen television.  The audience place ‘bets’ on each of eight runners in the race and surplus funds are set aside for the good cause. The event is run as a lottery, with prizes to be won.  There is no licence required to do this, providing there is no direct financial gain for the organisers.

Do it yourself (DIY) race night packs come with all the necessary equipment, the races on DVD, the betting tickets and the race programs.  The traditional horse racing race nights appeal primarily to a male audience but tend to leave females and children cold.   This is where a company called Fundeo has found favour.  This company pioneered animated snail race nights in the year 2000 which by bringing comedy to the event, have delighted men, women and children alike,  such that snail race nights have now also become popular, not just for fundraising but also for party entertainment.

Each Fundeo snail race has an unexpected outcome and the race commentary and antics of the snails during each race is exciting fun for all the family.  Fundeo offer party packs that use lucky dip tickets for small audiences and then there are normal packs that can cater for party audiences of from forty up to several hundred.

The trick, often used at corporate events, is to add a fundraising element to the party.   The advantage is that the cost of the race night pack, plus any costs associated with it such as that for the hire of a venue or equipment, can be paid for from the funds raised.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s the annual office party, a birthday party or a family get-together, the same principle applies.  The end result is that the party entertainment is effectively free and valuable funds can be raised for the good cause at the same time.

Fundeo are a Scotland based company who provide video products that offer fun party and fundraiser alternatives.