Raising Awareness For Your Chosen Charity

There are so many great causes out there that need the support of the general public so that the people at the heart of these campaigns can try and make a difference in the cause they have chosen. It is a hugely unselfish act to take upon such a tough task of raising awareness for a cause and following it through to meet the target set when the organisers came on board. It takes a lot of hard work and can be frustrating, but there are lots of established and excellent ways to reach a wider audience. This could be a huge factor if you are raising awareness for a one off event or for a smaller, lesser known cause. Here are a few ways you can reach your target audience and beyond:

Get an Online Presence
As much as we probably don’t like to admit it, the majority of us live a good portion of our lives online, so a website is a great idea to help raise awareness of your cause. It helps if you know how to create a decent site, but if you don’t, try and find someone with the technical knowledge so you can put your heads together and create something special. As well as a website, social media is a great way to make an impact and get your voice heard. Create a page on Facebook for photos, events and information about your cause. Twitter is also useful for spreading the word. The great thing about social media is that it is instant.
Awareness Wristbands
In the last few years, awareness wristbands have become quite cool and extremely popular. It is hard not to find a charity or sporting event now that doesn’t have somebody selling wristbands on site. They are a great way to raise awareness because they are cheap and easy for the customer to slip onto their wrist, whereas a badge or sticker may fall off or be tossed aside before long. Wristbands became in vogue after Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong campaign to raise awareness for cancer came along. This involved handing out yellow wristbands for supporters to wear.
Leaflets and Posters
It is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but creating leaflets and posters and putting them out around the village, town or city you live in is still a great way of reaching your target audience. If you are targeting a certain market for your campaign – a school or university, for example – then handing out leaflets and posters in the student unions and notice boards of both schools and universities is a great way of getting your word out.
Daley works with Top Wristbands and enjoys writing about charities and attending charitable events for all kinds of different causes.