Raising Brand Awareness With Personalised USB Sticks

In this current economic climate it is very difficult for small businesses to get a foot hold in the market or in the instance of businesses already trading it is very hard to stay afloat. In this article I will be looking at how marketing is important and using personalised USB sticks as an example of how traditional print material has been replaced by modern devices.

Why is Marketing important?

During times of global economic trouble it is widely known that marketing is an industry that thrives. Business’s that invest during these troubled times are always the ones that come out on top after recessions, picking up client from businesses that have not invested in marketing and going in to administration. However, if you are a small business you are not going to have the finances to invest in huge marketing campaigns. If budgets are small it is important that the main aim is to increase your profile in the market or to keep ensure that brand awareness remains strong. There are many ways in which you can do this. Personalised merchandise is a great way to do this. 

What are USB sticks?

Personalised USB sticks are a great idea, they are current and popular, and USB sticks are a necessity for some businesses. USB data sticks are data storage devices that are very useful for transfering data. They have taken over the market from the floppy disc or the old fashioned CD-ROM discs. The USB sticks are much smaller, faster and hold much more capacity than their predecessors. Post approximately 2005 all new laptop and desktop computers have just USB ports (Universal Serial Ports), as floppy disc drives were believed to take up too much space and cannot hold enough data to support modern software and data.There are companies on the internet that offer competitive prices on USB sticks to be personalised with your brand. By having these you’re creating a tool that you can use to market yourself with. How many meetings do you attend or expos where you’re handing out material or you’re receiving it and how much of this just gets thrown in the bin?

USB sticks are useful, you can clear the initial data after you have used it. People use USB sticks (or Memory Sticks) daily at home at work. USB sticks have become very important to students. Another fantastic point about using these as marketing tools rather than traditional flyers are that they are not wasteful. With recycling such a buzz word for people at the moment it is a great starting point for a discussion as to why you are using USB sticks. I have also seen many companies giving out the sticks not only as freebies but also with marketing information on them about there company. Being able to use modern technology to replace traditional marketing material not only saves on the environment but it also gives you unlimited possibilites as you can save a executable programme on a USB stick for your target audience to use.

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Passionate about helping businesses raise their profile and brand awareness using products such as http://www.printedusbflashdrives.co.uk/