Re-Invent Your Wardrobe For University

When preparing to go to university it is a great chance to reconsider our wardrobe and reinvent ourselves into the fashionable young thing we always knew we could be. It is an opportunity for us to put behind any fashion faux pas we may have made at school and to banish some of our more regrettable sartorial efforts forever. However, moving to university can often mean moving to whole new climates, particularly if we are moving across country, to a different state or to a new nation altogether. Here are some fantastic tips for re-invigorating your wardrobe whilst also considering the elements.

Dressing For The Cold
If you are an American heading for Alaska for the first time or an Englishman who has decided to study in Glasgow or Edinburgh the first thing you will notice, before even the library, is that your new habitat is cold. Very cold. Bearing this in mind, your wardrobe will need to remember to stay not only on trend but also to keep you warm. Ski jackets are a fantastic idea as they are always on trend and come in array of styles; they can make a great alternative to traditional thermals for example. For footwear choices, wellies are particularly in style during festival season but may not be practical for using on a day to day basis. Boots, however, a fantastic choice of footwear as they will protect you from the cold conditions and can also give your outfit an edgy look.
Dressing For Rain
Ask any overseas student what the defining feature of living in Manchester is and they will, more often than not, mention they are not used to the omnipresence of rain. As it is not just this north England University which seems to be under permanent attack from torrential rain, students considering studying at infamously rainy locations need to consider their ensembles; flowery dresses and shorts will just not cut it. Cagoules, for example, have made something of an unlikely fashion renaissance recently but, as this might be a fleeting trend, parkas are a fantastic choice – particularly for those who are going for a retro appearance. Available in many high street stores, they are also a relatively cheap and durable option. Headgear is recommended too – beanies are always in style and make for a great winter addition to your ensemble.
Dressing For Sun
This is, more than likely, the most appealing of all the weather conditions for prospective students and is also the easiest to dress for. Sunglasses are an essential for those not used to bright sunlight, and especially those with hangovers, and cheap plastic ones are en vogue with fashionistas at the moment. Flower print dresses are particularly in style this season, a trend which is likely to continue, and in warmer climates simply teaming a scarf with one can make them transition seamlessly between seasons. Also, there is no need to worry about footwear as a solely practical item as you would in wetter climates – instead of wellies or boots, wedges are the shoe of choice for the fashion conscious this season and, if the sun stays out, for the foreseeable future too.
Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who is expecting more unrelenting rain so will likely be wearing boots this year.