Re-target Bounced Visitors With ReMarketing Ads and Increase Your Business ROI


While taking a walk through markets and malls, you come across a number of advertisements, they are almost everywhere, on every corner of the street. Same is the case with internet. With the introduction of AdWords and other similar programs, digital media has transformed the way marketing is done.

Along with AdWords, eloped the Google shopping ads and remarketing ad campaigns, which turned out to be highly successful in capturing new markets for businesses and increasing their customer base substantially.

We are exposed to thousands of ads each day, and it is a human tendency that if we are shown a specific thing repeatedly, we tend to get allured towards it as it leads to a feeling of trust and comfort because of the familiarity we develop with that specific thing or ad!

Such is the modus operandi of remarketing ad campaigns. They target those users, who earlier browsed your website, social media or app and left without making a purchase.

We will quickly present a succinct insight about remarketing ads –

Remarketing ad campaign lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

How can remarketing help you to increase your return on investment?

It is unlikely for remarketing to produce paramount results if it is not implemented properly. It is impossible for any business owner to execute remarketing, all by himself, on a highly complex platform like Google AdWords. The best solution is to hire a reputed remarketing ads agency, who, through the help of their experienced professionals, will design innovative campaigns that would certainly reflect in the increased sales and growth of your company.

Some of the benefits –

#1 Brand Awareness

Although it is a tad bit complex to measure brand awareness, but remarketing helps you in this too. It helps you to make sure that potential customers do not forget you, and that your business is constantly documented to them through innovative ads and popups. In addition, it helps you to answer their queries more efficiently and comprehensively, when they have landed on your page.

However, it is not necessary that the customer will buy the product immediately upon seeing your ad. It might take a week or even a month for them to buy. But, with remarketing you are establishing an authority over that specific product or a service, and there is a high probability that whenever that user makes up his mind, he will be buying it from you. Moreover, not everything works like magic; it will take time for prospects to transform into customers and then to regular clients. In the meanwhile you can enhance your brand recognition through remarketing.

#2 Target your competitor’s customers

Thanks to innovative remarketing tools, you can now create custom audiences, the ones which you want to target, not the ones who want to get targeted by you! There is a quantifiable difference between these two. With these tools, you can target users who browsed your competitor’s website.

This way you can ensure more leads to your bay, in addition to hampering your competitor’s sales bank.

#3 Free leads!

This is the most interesting advantage of remarketing; we would say the best of them all. It is observed that many people, upon seeing an ad, do not click on it. Instead, they directly input the URL and land at your website to search for deals.

Now, the catch is that why would you pay for a lead, that did not even click on your ad? If a user sees your ad and directly goes to your website, instead of clicking on it, you pay nothing. This is termed as view through conversation.

Therefore, if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you ought to do stuff that you have never done before. Outsource PPC agency that offers remarketing ads services, and see your business grow.