Real Housewives Of NJ Star Takes It Down A Notch, Around Her Waist

This season of the hit reality TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey features cast member Lauren Manzo struggling with her weight.  On the show, Lauren is visibly distressed by the ordeal.  Conventional diets and exercise never seemed to work for the reality star, and she grew frustrated as anyone would.  Well if you, like so many others, can sympathize with Lauren’s battle of the waistline bulge, you will be pleased to know that after the last show that premiered, Lauren has recently shed 30 pounds with the lap band diet and she looks great!
During the RHONJ run, Lauren’s mom Caroline Manzo managed to slim down over the years through food portion control and regular exercise with a personal trainer in a gym set in the Manzo home, but these methods hadn’t worked for her daughter.  After her own slim down triumphs, Caroline pressured her daughter to do the same—something for which the matriarch drew much criticism.  However, Lauren attributes her mom’s tough love tactics to Caroline’s desire to see her daughter happy and successful.

But a more confident Lauren Manzo made her weight loss debut recently on the cover of US Weekly magazine in a flirty red minidress.  In interviews, Lauren has confessed that she’s struggled with her weight for many years, and on RHONJ the world bears witness to it.  Numerous episodes chronicle her journey in which she’s sought diet advice from several nutritionists.  Lauren is often shown glaring at family members as they ate savory Italian dishes, while she consumed tasteless protein-enriched liquids that made her more miserable than anything else.
After her magnificent weight loss, Lauren has admitted that the lap band diet was the best solution for her.  The slimmer results are proof that the surgery works.  In fact many people, including her father Albert Manzo who had the procedure back in 2008, have experienced its amazing results.  Initially, however, Lauren wasn’t convinced about the possibilities but after years of suffering decided to follow her parents’ advice.  Although the procedure has done wonders for her physique, Lauren has mentioned that controlling how she eats is an essential behavioral component that she has had to refine in order to achieve her overall weight control success.
Lauren hopes to lose more weight and keep it off.  She continues to exercise and eat sensible meals that consist mainly of protein and vegetables.  She continues her loving relationship with sweetheart Vito and recently opened her own business—a beauty bar called “Cafface” in New Jersey.  A fitter and more confident Lauren can now look forward to achieving even greater things with her new lease on life and can truly say with a smile, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

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